Spotlight on: Lauren Maurizio

Most people dream of having a skill which can not only be practical and fun, but one that also brings in some dollar dollar bills.

Enter Lauren and her buisness Daisy Daisy Handmades. Continue reading


Maslow & Co Beauty Box

I’m very excited to be writing about my first foray into the world of beauty box subscriptions.
I only got the box in the mail yesterday, but have dabbled in all the products since getting it and just couldn’t wait to share!

I first heard of Maslow & Co beauty boxes through Onabeautybender blog where she aptly described the lack lustre appeal of most of the boxes on offer in Australia.

Enter Maslow & Co. Continue reading

Ample Samples

Every three months Mecca ¬†release a ” Beauty Loop Box” to members of the Mecca Beauty Loop.
( You qualify by spending a certain amount of money with them every year.)
Inside the Beauty Loop box is a selection of curated samples from their wide range of brands.
Because I don’t live near a store, to get my box I have to make a purchase online and they send it out with my order. Continue reading