Gift ideas for the inspirationally challenged.

With Christmas fast upon us, ( where did the year go!?) it’s about now that people start to think about buying some gifts.

Of course, if you are super organised, this post won’t appeal to you because ” Buying presents in November? What a rookie move! I have had lay-by’s and things stored away since June!”

But for those who aren’t that way inclined, or for those just absolutely stumped as to what to buy for that random co-worker you somehow got in the office Kris Kringle, then here are some ideas.

For the one who always gets takeaway coffee’s-

With an estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups being used each year, why not help your pal/sibling/co-worker do their bit for the environment and get them a keep cup in a colour that suits them?

Keep Cup in Cucumber- (Biome)


For those into personalisation, what about a stainless steel travel mug with their name on it?

Travel mug- (Zazzle)


For the hard to buy for-

We all have that one person who seems impossible to buy for. My suggestion?
Worst case scenario, the plant you buy them shrivels up and dies & the recipient is left going “Why would they buy me a plant? So random!”.
Best case? They love it, their plant thrives, and you are the ultimate gift giver of the year.
Think of the improvement in air quality, and FYI, plants are totes instagram worthy.
There are a few ways you can go:


The classic pot with plant- (Bunnings)
Get a neutral pot, find a succulent or equally hardy plant, add a ribbon and ta-da!
Gift sorted. (And it costs less than you think.)
Pro tip: Plants usually come with their own ugly black plastic “pots”, find a nice ceramic one that fits and hides the plastic one, and you dont have to worry about doing a messy plant transplant.



The DIY kit- (Bunnings)
Find a trough pot, a small bag of potting mix, and select a few packets of seeds ( flowers, herbs, vegetables). You’ve got the option of doing the hard work for them, or leaving it all separate for them to plant at their leisure.




The quirky planter- (Pookipoiga)
Sometimes basic just won’t do.
That’s where cute quirky plant holders come in.


For the new mama or mama to be-

No doubt a baby shower will potentially cover this category, but maybe this mama hasn’t had one yet, or hasn’t gotten everything they need and you want to swoop in and be a Christmas hero.


No Touch Thermometer- (Baby Bunting)
Babies get sick.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you instructions in the ” So you’re a mum now” manual (every mum gets one of these after expelling a child from their uterus right?) on how to accurately read temperature with just your hand, so a thermometer is a useful tool to have.
( Big thanks to my pal Zoe for suggesting this one!)



No One Like A Fart- (Booktopia)
A silly book, written by my gal ZFB.
Contains fart jokes and a sweet story about accepting yourself and finding a friend who loves you just they way you are.
But mostly fart jokes.
It’s never too early to start teaching a kid the value of these.



For the enviro friend-

What do you buy for that eco-warrior pal that’s a bit more original than a jar of coconut oil and bit more personal than donating to a charity on their behalf?


Reusable beeswax wraps- (HoneyBee Wrap)
HoneyBee wrap is made from 100% organic cotton fabric, natural beeswax, jojoba oil,coconut oil and tree resin.
This collection of ingredients creates a flexible wrap that can be used over and over again, helping you reduce waste and the need for plastic clingwrap.

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag- (Able and Game)
Who needs shopping bags when you can cart groceries around in this bad boy?



For the girly girl-

Nailpolish & hand care pack- (Prissy cosmetics, Priceline)
Who doesn’t need some hand TLC?
Christmas is the perfect time to buy someone some new fresh nail polish colours.
Grouping it with some hand care essentials like a nail file, hand cream and cuticle oil, makes it a sure fire people pleaser.





Jewellery Candle or Bath Bomb- (Royal Essence)
Not only do these come in a great range of scents, they also have an extra fun element of including a surprise ring!
Most of the time, the ring included is a cheap and cheerful fashion ring, but you do have the potential to uncover one worth a few thousand dollars. Perfect for the closet gambler.





Random Korean face masks that you really don’t know what they do but they look cool- (Stylestory)
Not ideal for those with hypersensitive skin due to not being able to read the ingredients list… but if you have a friend with a hardy complexion who doesn’t mind playing a cheeky round of russian roulette with their cute face masks, this is the gift for them!


For the stationary nerd-

Perhaps you have a letter writer in your life or a boss that steals all your pens and says they’ll bring them back but never does.
Maybe it’s a teacher who you want to praise for taking care of your precious little devil child for the entire school year.
Whatever the case, the christmas gift of stationery is a no-brainer, buy an assortment and place in a cute gift box for maximum effect.


Random cute japanese stickers and writing paper- (Daiso)
Not available online, but if you can find one of these stores (Chadstone), you’ll find a plethora of options, and all cheap cheap cheap!


Pens and everything amazing in the stationary world- (Kikki K)
If you can’t find something to buy (aka 10 million things to buy) at a Kikki K store you’re not doing it right!



Of course if all of this is too hard, you can’t go wrong with good old gift vouchers.

If you think about that person hard enough, perhaps you’ll think of the perfect store to give them a voucher for.
What’s their style? Are they frivolous? Or more practical? Is there one item that you’ve noticed they use ALL the time?
If they’re a foodie maybe the local deli or health food shop have gift vouchers available, perhaps you can get a group together and all put in for a voucher for a nights accomodation somewhere for someone who never takes time for themselves?

Maybe you can think of a creative way to present that gift voucher? The Reject shop have a plethora of boxes and bags that can make all the difference.

If gift vouchers are a little out of the budget, making something edible like bikkies, rum balls or a jar of “nuts & bolts” is also a pleasant gift to receive.

At the end of the day the thought is really all that counts, so use those brain cells and get giving!





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