“I know!”  I thought, as a cartoon light bulb flashed above my head.
“I’ll do a Polyvore set of what I’m packing for my trip, that will be tres interesting.”

It was not interesting.

Have you ever tried flat-laying, or finding pictures of clothing similar to those in your wardrobe?
Have you ever realised with a dull sigh, that your wardrobe is not as much of a reflection of your inner self as you once thought?
Granted, on this occasion, I couldn’t find a couple of images of things that I will be packing that may have brightened up this assortment.
For example my navy French Connection t-shirt with the bright yellow sequinned banana on the front.
Or my white French Connection dress with big, embroidered, primary coloured flowers.

I also couldn’t find an accurate picture to reflect the large, neon yellow/green tassel earrings I’m throwing in, or the long, pink, glitter perspex ones…

For me, colourful jumpers, a tshirt with a well known cartoon character, a flash of a sequin, a hint of neon, really speak to me.

I appreciate them when I see them in shops, in magazines or online and I try to incorporate these things into my wardrobe, but it’s not until my items are laid side by side like this that I realise, I need to work on injecting more of personality into my “casual/everyday” wear.
Because why not?

Tres boring wardrobe.

How do you inject your own personality into what you wear?
Is it too hard to have a “style”?
Let me know.


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