Might as well jump (er).

The weather is cooling down and that can only mean one thing..

Time to invest in some new autumn-y, winter-y layers!

I love summer, but there is just something about a cute jumper that gets me excited.

With so much on offer it can be a little overwhelming to be bothered trawling through the shops & online to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

So Jessincase you needed a helping hand, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite’s for you to peruse.

Stripe Varsity Knit- French Connection


I personally can’t get away with the mullet hem, as my boobies bring the short front up even shorter, but I love the colour combo of the grey and navy.

Spot The Spot Sequin Knit- French Connection


It’s spots and sequin’s. Also comes in navy. I shall say no more.

Fox Intarsia Crew Neck Knit- French Connection


“Another French Connection jumper Jess?”
“But it’s a Men’s jumper?”
“Yep. It’s perfect for gals with bigger busts, longer length and all. If you’re a size 14-16 up top, you’ll fit into an XS, and it’s probably the only time in your life an XS will fit you.”
“Sweet, here’s my money.”
“Thanks, I don’t work here.”

Palais Knit- Steele


I love the long bell sleeves of this knit. Best accessorized with a roaring fire and a glass of red.

Lily Loves Printed Pullover- Target


Who doesn’t love a good Target jumper?
Pair this with jeans as pictured, but also with a crisp white shirt underneath for some fancy collar poking out action.

Pop Rib Hoodie- Bonds


If you think this list was going to skip over the lords of comfy-wear, think again.
Bonds are the best in the game, their hoodies are always exceptional.

Burger & Fries Jumper- ASOS


If you don’t want a jumper with burger & fries booby badges, then I don’t think we can be friends.

Pom Jumper- Gorman

Pom-Pom’s are just super cute okay?
They are everywhere again this season, so embrace your inner kook, and get ready for the compliments and jealous eye brow raises.

Are you a jumper fan?
Prefer a cardi or a blazer?
Fly to the other side of the world every year to avoid winter?
Let me know in the comments.


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