Holy Sheet!

My second Maslow & Co beauty box arrived last month and oh boy, was it a doozy!

Containing 10 ( 12 if you individually count one pack of 3 masks!) different beauty products from Korea, this box was always going to impress.

I’m actually still working my way through it, but I thought I should share with you what I’ve used so far, and where you can get some for yourself if you feel like having a dabble in some kooky Korean skincare!

Just to give you an idea of what I was met with this is a photo I took of everything I got in this month’s box-

*Insert girly squeals*

Half Moon Eyes Pinky Fruity Wash Off Mask
pinkfruityDragon Fruit (Yum!) is the main ingredient in this mask.
I loved that it came in a 3 pack, and I actually found I could get 2 uses out of one container.
With a thick, clay like consistency this mask is designed to minimise pores and give a light exfoliation.
I didn’t really experience a tingle as described in the handy english booklet provided with the box (all of the product packaging -except the names- was in Korean!), but after washing the mask off my skin felt fresh, and ready for some super moisturising.

Monde Reve Angel Wash Cleansermonde.jpgThe description of this cleanser says it’s for those who have skin wanting a really deep clean.
I found it felt quite stripping, leaving my skin feeling taut after using it.
I was impressed with it being a full sized product, but I felt like my skin didn’t agree with it.
I will try and use it again in the summer, when my face is clogged with sunscreen and see if it works better for me.



Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Firming Maskmizon
This mask was the bomb.com!
(Did I actually just type “the bomb.com”? Wow…MOVING ON)
A full face sheet mask, this baby infused my skin with moisture and made it glow.
Side note: There will be excess, but if you use your fingers to tap it into your face ever so gently, all that extra product soaks into your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

May Coop Raw Sauce Essencemaycoop.jpgI was excited to try this.
I had secret hopes it would be somehow be just as good as the SKII essence that costs 10 times the price, and that it would be my skincare secret weapon, and I would have Cate Blanchett skin and be super dewy and smug for the rest of my life.
Of course with such high expectations I was bound to be a little disappointed.
It’s not bad, but I’m not really sure what it does for me, perhaps more frequent use will yield results.



Besone Pink Clay Maskbesone.jpgThis sheet mask was cool as it came in two parts, making it easier to line up on my face.
I loved how it combined a clay mask with the ease of a sheet, a quick rinse was all it took to remove the excess once I peeled the mask off.
A 50 minute set time is suggested, but I only left mine on for about half an hour as I felt it was dried out and ready to come off.
My skin felt clean and a giant cheek zit (sah hot) was certainly subdued.



Neogen Mexican Aloe Essential Maskaloemask.jpgNot for people who dislike goo, or gooey consistencies.
Think of an Aloe Vera plant.
Think of the juice/gel that comes from the stems of that plant.
Now think of a sheet mask resembling the face of the killer in the Halloween movies ( all sheet masks look like this haha) dripping in said juice/gel.
A bit messy in the beginning to line up the sheet, but once it was on, my skin drank it up!



Lindsay Modelling Mask in Collagenlindsaymask.jpgThose who follow me on snapchat ( j-mar26) may be familiar with my experience using this one.
First of all, it comes in a powder form, to which you must add water and mix to get what can only be described as a paper mache substance.
There was so much product, I was convinced I’d done it wrong, or that I should have saved half the dry powder for another day.
After smearing it on the face, it then set to a lumpy, clammy, rubber mask.
Peeling it off was fun but arduous and in the end I couldn’t say it gave me any super results.
I would still recommend it though for the experience alone, definitely one for the ” weird things I’ve tried” list!

Cremorlab Snow Falls Melting Creamcremorlab.jpgDesigned to form a barrier and lock in moisture, this dreamy sounding cream protects from moisture loss and environmental factors.
The texture is balm like, and I have used it after my normal moisturiser routine at night.
It is quite heavily scented, but you don’t need a lot as it melts (as the name suggests *gasp*) well into your fingertips.
I’m yet to experiment fully, but I could see this cream being used effectively as a primer to apply before makeup.



I still have 2 face masks left to try, namely the GOLD SNAIL (!) one, but I’m saving them for the next time I have an event.
I’m really loving putting on a sheet mask maybe an hour or so before an event, to give my skin a little extra boost and this box has certainly cemented my new obsession with this.
With the masks mentioned ranging from about $4-$7 on the Maslow & Co website, it’s really a no-brainer if you’re wanting to treat yourself and have a bit of fun with it!
If you have concerns about the ingredients they are all listed (in english haha) on the site as well.

Have you used any of the products mentioned above?
Dabbled in any Korean Beauty?
Which product sounds interesting to you?

* All pictures used are from the Maslow & Co website, except for the first one, which is my ametuer hour flat lay attempt HA!*





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