The weekend that was.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while.

To be honest, I just haven’t had any inspiration.
But I figure if I at least just start writing about something, it might get things rolling again and even if it’s not going to be enthralling to read, it’s there haha.

I thought I would share with you what I got up to over the weekend, as it involved showing a friend from NYC around Melbourne.

I got to go to many places that I’d never been to myself, even though I’ve lived in Victoria my whole life.

It’s funny when you are asked to showcase your own city, you turn into a bit of a tourist yourself!

Friday Night:

We started our weekend in the Windsor/South Yarra end of town.

Pre-dinner cocktails were had at Jungle Boy ( No real website, but follow the link to see their Insta and Facey).
This place is a little speakeasy bar, hidden behind a fridge door in a seemingly innocent sandwich shop.
I love hidden places like this.
The bar was dimly lit, with fronds of jungle (der) greenery lining the walls.
There’s even a baboon’s head mounted on one of the walls, and all I could think of that Basement Jaxx video clip for “Where’s your head at?”.
The extensive cocktail list was deliciously difficult to chose from, and the bartenders were obvious pro’s, shaking and mixing them up quick smart.

Jungle boy



Dinner was at Hawker Hall, the food takes its inspiration from the vibrant hawker centres of Singapore & Malaysia.
Our group ordered a few cocktails, and some plates to share.
The ox-tail dumplings and the broccoli in oyster sauce were my faves.

Hawker Hall



We then took a quick cab ride to Leonard’s House of Love, a bar set down a random street, that from the outside looks like someone’s house.
Inside it’s decorated like a 70’s/80’s log cabin, the DJ booth is in the “lounge room” equipped with a retro TV (showing just static) and a disco ball.
There was a pool table with a faux wood, gas fireplace in a dividing wall between the rooms, and the bar staff were cheerful and grooving away behind the bar.

Leonard’s House of Love


Saturday we road tripped down to the surf coast to show our friend Bell’s Beach, which was so aptly described as “The beach from Point Break”.



We had lunch at The Anglesea General Store, as they had the best meat pies in the area, and well, our New Yorker friend basically didn’t have a choice in the matter, he had to eat one.
Then we force fed him (not really) a snot block aka a piece of vanilla slice.



Next stop was the Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong.
It was a vast space, with plenty of seating, and I assume, a beer lover’s dream.
They also did food, and ciders if beer wasn’t your thing.
Tours of the brewery itself operate during the day, but because of our evening plans, our visit was a short one.

Little Creatures Brewery



Saturday Night:

Saturday night was about showcasing the other side of the river.

We started with some nibbles and drinks, as well as an emotional game of AFL on the big screen (and I mean emotional, there were tears- not of joy unfortunately), at The Birmingham on the corner of Smith and Johnston street.

The Birmingham



After the game we traipsed to a Taco place by the name of Little Hop on Brunswick street walking distance from the Birmingham.
There was a brief moment where we thought the store was closing (it was nearly 11pm) but then the guy informed us they were open until 1am, so the group ordered some food and a few drinks.


We then went out dancing at The Provincial on Brunswick Street, where the DJ was playing all 90’s and R’n’B tunes.
He even (eventually) played some Backstreet Boys for me.
Before you roll your eyes and go “Omg she’s one of THOSE girls”, I’ll have you know I typed him a very nice message on my phone (so I wasn’t shouting in his face), thanking him for the current tunes, and then said I would love to hear some BSB if he could manage it.
Then I left him alone.
Sure it was probably 2 hours later when it came on, and sure, it could have very well been in his line up already, but I like to think he did it for me.

The Provincial




Broken, but not beaten, (damn hangovers) the day’s adventures began at lunchtime at Andrew’s Burgers in the city.
It could have been the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything since about 7pm the night before (I didn’t eat any taco’s- rookie mistake), but I seriously have never eaten something so delicious.
I got just a basic hamburger with a strawberry milkshake, and it saved my life.

Andrews Burgers aka Heaven



We then followed a map I had printed from the City of Melbourne website, which took us on a walk through all the lane ways and arcades of the city.

Coffee was required by some of the group so we stopped at Manchester Press in Rankin lane, and whilst we waited admired the old brick warehouses.

Manchester Press



We scaled the stairs of Campari House in Hardware lane to show off the roof top.
Maybe I’m really unfit, or maybe it was the repeated slut drops from the night before, but my legs ACHED climbing up all those damn stairs.
As our new yorker friend commented “We have rooftop bars in the city, but they usually have elevators!”.

Campari House Rooftop



We deviated from the map after the majority of the walk to check out Hosier Lane and all it’s graffiti glory, and may or may not have done some gangster poses…

Hosier lane



It was after strolling over the Princes bridge to the front of the Melbourne Arts Centre where they had a Sunday market, that we called time on our adventures for the weekend, eager for an early night and maybe some more food.

Melbourne Arts Centre. Not the Eiffel Tower.



I came away with a new fascination for my own city, and an eagerness to re-visit most of the places we managed to see.

What are some of your favourite places to go when you’re in Melbourne?


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