I’ve been expecting you Mr Bond…s…

A quick post today to profess my love for the bright, flowery, punchy and most importantly, comfy, range that Bonds have been putting out lately.

I not too long ago purchased some spiffy tights (see them here), and have since then added some trackies in the dark floral print featured on this polyvore board.

You may notice I’ve put a couple of crop tops in this compilation.
I personally can’t wear them, boobs too big, midriff too donut shaped, but if I could, I’d be strutting around in bad boys like these!


For fans of Lorna Jane and Lululemon leggings, I have on good authority ( from one of the most active people I know!), that the Bonds ones are thinner in comparison, however are very comfortable, and kinder to the bank balance!

So if you were after some extra tights, but your budget was extra tight, Bonds have you covered.


Does anyone else get inspired to start a new fitness regime by purchasing some bright, new active wear?


Did I mention that ZFB and her husbo are spokesperson’s for the brand at the moment?

If that’s not an excuse to buy some then I don’t know what is!


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