Polyvore Board- Wittner Heels

“JESS! HELP! I’ve bought two pairs of Pom Pom adorned shoes, coz you mentioned them in this blog post, and now I have no idea how to wear them!”

Well isn’t that a coincidence, I’ve created a style board to combat this problem Jessincase I was asked.pompom2.jpg

You want to let the shoes do most of the talking here.

I’ve put a few items on the board that can be mixed and matched, for example: White tee & shorts with the tan shoes, but white tee can also go with navy skirt and white shoes.

My favourite tip when putting together an outfit is to find what your statement piece is (in this case the shoes), and pick a colour from that item to bring out in another piece.

So again, for example: The pink pom pom on the white shoes can be accented by either the loose pink shirt, or if you were wearing the navy playsuit, the pink hued rose gold watch.

I kept this board pretty simple, just to show that “crazy” shoes don’t have to mean a “crazy” outfit.

The shoes are bright and fun!
To me that’s what fashion is all about, not every item in your wardrobe needs to be “classic” and “timeless”.

Sometimes, if we like something, we should embrace it, even if in 20 years we look back and go “Errrmaaahgerrd what was I thinking!?”.

What are your thoughts?

How would you style these bad boys?

What’s your fave fashion trend at the moment?


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