Pa-rum-pa Pom Pom

Pom Pom’s are totally having a style moment, and I can’t say I’m complaining!

A Pom Pom is traditionally (to quote the internet), “a small woollen ball attached to a garment, especially a hat, for decoration.”

We are seeing more and more that Pom Pom’s aren’t just for hats these days, and they are injecting fun and brightness to an otherwise plain garment or object.

Look, I know they aren’t for everyone, but below is a list of my favourite Pom Pom adorned things I’ve seen lately.


Gorman Pom Pom Cushion- (on sale mind you!)
gormanpompom.jpgThe Pom Pom pioneers, Gorman have never shied away from a frivolous adornment.
I love how they pair a simple colour like grey, and jazz it up with brights.
And let’s not forget my first Pom Pom related crush:




Gorman Pom Pom duffle coat– (uhh also on sale…)

ggfg375104frontnew_greyYou can read about the love affair I had with this coat here and here.

Wittner Carel heel

And the Wittner Aslie heel
asley_nat_1.jpg“What would I even wear these with!?” I hear some of you scream.
Well stress less, I’ve created a Polyvore board of the best ways to style some fancy, fun, Pom Pom heels. Look it.
Don’t be scared of the Pom-sicles, trust me!




Kip & Co Teal tartan Pom Pom blanket

And the Kip & Co Indigo Pom Pom baby blanketkipandco.jpgBoth 100% merino wool, both 100% in my vision for a perfect, cosy, blankie snuggle fest.




ASOS off the shoulder swing sundress
This little number would be perfect for the beach during the day, or paired with some heels for a balmy, summer evening look.




ASOS over sized cat pom keyring
It’s a keyring.
It’s a Pom Pom.
It’s a cat.
I’m done.




Forever New Ava knitted Pom Pom beanie
Maroon is a flattering colour for everyone, and the list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to ze pom’s traditional usage, decorating a hat!






Invite me shop Crochet Pom Pom garlands


Maybe you’re like ” But Jess, I like Pom Pom’s, but I don’t really want to wear them…”

Well, how about you string some from your walls?




ASOS Orelia Pom Pom & Tassel necklacepompomnecklace.jpg

It’s a baby Pom, next to another favourite flourish of mine, a tassel!





ASOS Amy Lynn striped tee
So it appears that ASOS really are the Pom Pom prince’s.
They don’t have to be bright, how about a simple black?
To me these are verging more on the tassel side of town, but if ASOS are calling it a Pom Pom trim, then it’s a damn Pom Pom trim!
I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot more of this trend as we approach the warmer months, and it just goes to show that these little fluff balls aren’t just for your nana’s tea cosy anymore.
(For legit pom pom tea cosies, check Etsy– oh my god there’s a plethora.)

What do you think of this trend?

Love it?
Frightened by it?

Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S Did you know if you start saying/typing the word Pom Pom enough, it starts losing all meaning?…








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