Maslow & Co Beauty Box

I’m very excited to be writing about my first foray into the world of beauty box subscriptions.
I only got the box in the mail yesterday, but have dabbled in all the products since getting it and just couldn’t wait to share!

I first heard of Maslow & Co beauty boxes through Onabeautybender blog where she aptly described the lack lustre appeal of most of the boxes on offer in Australia.

Enter Maslow & Co.

Bi-monthly you receive a beautifully presented box filled with a selection of products from the chosen feature country/city.

As described by the company themselves: “These are not mainstream products, nor necessarily boutique; rather they’re premium, up-and-coming brands that are yet to be fully discovered.”

The extra benefit of this company’s service is that the products provided are either full size, or deluxe sized samples.

I love, love, LOVE samples of any size (#noH8), but knowing that every couple of months I’m going to be getting decent sized products in my subscription box (instead of a measly sachet of Nivea body cream that barely spreads out over my thigh) is a big plus.

It means I can really try the products, and if I truly like them, instead of scouring the internet trying to figure out international shipping costs and conversions, all I have to do is go to Maslow & Co’s website and they have all the prodz there for purchase.

Too easy!

Okay enough gushing, let me show you what I got in my first box:image2 (2).JPG

Dermadoctor Kakadu C Intensive Vitamin C Peel Pads-deramdoc.jpg

I got 3 individual sachets, each one containing 1 pad.
The premise reminds me of Go-To’s Exfoliating swipeys, where you give the pre-soaked pad (containing AHA’s and ferulic acid) a quick whip around the face to dissolve dead skin cells and promote new skin cell turnover.
I used one last night, and following the instructions, wiped it around my face and let the product sit for a couple of minutes.
I then rinsed it off and followed it up with my Go-To Face Hero ( #notspon) and Aesop Moisturiser.
I do feel like my skin is glowing!
As ludicrous as it sounds to have a result after one application, my skin must have been craving a good chemical exfoliation, and has lapped it up.



Essential Apothecary Bright Toothpaste-


Okay so this one is in the weird, but kinda good, column.
Basically it’s a “natural toothpaste” with the main ingredients being bi-carb soda, coconut oil and peppermint oil.
It comes solid in a jar, and you have to scrape a little bit out to put it onto your toothbrush.
Once you get over the fact that it feels like you’ve put a blob of solid bi-carb in your gob, the paste itself isn’t that unpleasant.
The peppermint oil taste does come through during brushing, but it’s after you’re done that you actually notice it, and it helps offer that fresh mouth feeling like a traditional toothpaste would.
I’m going persevere as the jar is quite large, and y’know, science.



Eir NYC Fresh Eir Deodorizer-


You can use this one as a hand santiser, deodoriser, or refresher for your gym gear.
The smell is very subtle, to test it I sprayed it on my partner’s smelly runners and it definitely got rid of the stink, but it didn’t really replace it with any tangible scent.
I’m curious to see how this would go as a makeshift makeup brush cleaner.



Eir NYC Active Body Wash-


This supercharged body wash boasts antiseptic and revitalising properties as well as olive oil and aloe leaf to hydrate without drying.
Using a loofah, I didn’t need much to get a generous lather going.
The scent is neither here nor there for moi, I would go as far to say it’s basically un-scented.



Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstik Burgandy-MAC-StiksCos-LipStk-D-005-v2-555x701.jpg

A creamy formula lippie, in an interestingly presented tube.
The colour looks dark in the container, but goes on smoothly to reveal more of a sheer wash of colour.
I applied it to my freshly lip balm-ed lips, so that could be why the colour wasn’t as intense, but I genuinely liked the sheerness, it gave me a flushed, “just bitten”, sort of shade.



Mullein & Sparrow Lemongrass Mint Body Oil-


Do you like the smell of Lemon & Honey flavoured strepsils?
Do you wish you could cover your entire body in their medicinal scent?
Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what this body oil smells like!
When I first dabbed some onto my hand, it drove me crazy trying to think of how I knew the scent.
I applied some to my legs after stepping out of the shower and *ding* I figured it out.
I personally don’t mind the smell, it’s almost comforting in the ” I associate this smell
with feeling sick, but also with getting better” sort of a way.
I also received a Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic using a promo code from Onabeautybender.MAC-Pixi-Glow-Toner-015-RV1-555x701.jpg
Seeing as it’s an exfoliating toner with Glycolic acid ( the ol’ AHA’s again) I haven’t tried it yet because I’ve started using the Dermadoctor pads.
When using products with AHA’s it’s important to remember their potency and that while they’re working their magic, they are making your skin more sensitive to basically everything.
You’re dissolving an old layer of skin and exposing a fresh, sparkling one, so you have to ensure you’re using sunscreen to prevent pigmentation and burning, and also refrain from overuse or risk looking like you’ve got a sick (sun)burn.


October’s box is all about KOREA, and I’m really looking forward to seeing if there’s some kooky Korean beauty in store, snail cream anyone?
( Juskin, this might be right up your alley!)

Have you used a beauty subscription box service before?
What was your experience like?
I’d love to know, leave me a comment!

( Just to be clear, I have paid for this subscription myself, and all images I have used are off the Maslow & Co website )
( Except for that first one which may or may not have been taken on my dining room table after I excitedly opened the box…)



2 thoughts on “Maslow & Co Beauty Box

  1. Oh I’m glad you loved it! Finally, a worthy beauy sub service. I was just reading your blog, wondering when mine would be delivered and there was a knock on the door! Products look amazing. And you got the Pixi Glow Tonic – you lucky duck. I will have to purchase it soon. Enjoy your products! Thanks for the link X

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