I got dis- Eastland edition

Eastland shopping center in Ringwood has had a re-vamp, and with it comes practically a whole wing dedicated to beauty related stores.

One thoroughfare has an installation of flowers by artist Rebecca Louise Law, it features Australian natives such as banksias and paper daisies, as well as hydrangeas and roses.
The flowers were dried, then individually hand-tied with copper-wire before being attached to the roof.
If you want to know what 150,000 dried flowers tied to a roof looks like here it is:flowerroof
As you can imagine, it smells absolutely divine!

So of course knowing this wonderful wing existed and as part of a fancy revamp of the entire center, I had to check it out.
I went with Di from Makeup By Diane and with itchy spending fingers ( I’m sure there’s a cream for that…) we made our way to the wing.



Our first stop was The Lip Lab to custom make our very own shade of lippie.

Ordinarily you have to book a spot with a consultant, but we just happened to be in the right place at the right time as someone didn’t turn up for their appointment.

Firstly you choose your formula, choices included cream or matte for lipsticks, or you could choose to create a gloss.

Then you decide on a colour and shade. The consultant then mixes up colours and you can decide to go lighter or darker or add extra dimensions with glitters or frosts.

Once you’re happy with the shade, the consultant blends the pigments with the wax that will form your lipstick and lets you try it on to make sure you’re 100% happy.
Then you have an opportunity to add a flavour or an extra like lip plumping serum.

Once you’re satisfied, the wax and colours are placed into a special shaping machine, and cooks up your lipstick.
This is what mine looked like:image1 (6)
I wanted a bright colour, and decided on a blue based pink, cream formula with no flavour, but I added a lip plumping serum.

Lip Lab give you a card to fill in with your details along with the colour specifications and ask you to create a name for the lip shade so they can re-create it for you if you desire.

I decided to name my shade after my cat and Beyonce’s alter ego ” Sasha Fierce”.



Our next stop was to Mecca.
I needed a new foundation, as my current one was a matte finish and every time I put it on, my skin would cry a little inside, then go all dry and crusty like a dried apricot.
After a little deliberation, I decided on the  Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation-


It was a bit on the pricey side, but came in a huge ass bottle.
Being a serum and foundation in one, the coverage is quite sheer which suits me, and also has skincare benefits.
My theory is, the better your skin is the less coverage you need, so by treating my skin, over time I’ll need less foundation.
Plus it probably goes without saying that my girl ZFB put up a pic on her snapchat story of her wearing, and liking, this very found-y…

What can I say, I’m a sucker for advertising!

I also grabbed a new eyebrow pencil from Billion Dollar Brows
When I asked for assistance to colour match my brow pencil the lady told me that this pencil only comes in one universal shade, and the colour can be adjusted by brushing through with the spoolie.

I have dark-ish brows anyway, so I wasn’t phased, but you fairer brow dames might want to go for a different pencil, as I can’t really see this shade “blending” to a subtle blonde.



We then headed to MAC, where I grabbed a tube of their Opulash Mascaraopulash.jpgI needed a new every day mascara, and this one fit the bill as it’s tubular.
No not tubular as in a surfer dude giving it a compliment.
The formula of this mascara means that when you go to wash it off at the end of the day, instead of un-sexy, smeary panda eyes that take ages to really get clean, the small tubes that coated the lashes come off with no mess.
I dont even use makeup remover, just my cleanser and warm water.

I also bought a couple of non beauty related items, but they were pretty boring.

The shopping centre is huge, and it’s highly worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Lip Lab is so fun, and it’s really hard to resist making more than one colour.
If you get a chance to check it out and do it, I highly recommend it.
Just make an appointment prior to arriving.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another post during the week where I’ll go through my Mecca Beauty Loop Box.


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