Finders Keepers Market Haul

So I attended the Finders Keepers market in Melbourne on Friday night.

We were quite lucky as the crowds were busy enough to create atmosphere, but not so busy that you couldn’t wriggle your way to the front of a pack at the stalls to have a browse.

I restrained myself somewhat, but OH EM GEE was it HARD!

I saw sooooo many things that I wanted to buy for people (and myself), I was buzzing with gift inspiration and interior decorating ideas.

Here is a list of what I bought and what I’m crushing on.

Whats that rule? If you’ve walked away from an item, but are still thinking about it in a week, it means you should get it?  *winky face emoji*

First cab off the rank when we arrived was FOOD.
It was just on dinner time, so Zoe and I exercising herculean strength, made a beeline for the food area and averted our eyes from the stalls.

There was so much to choose from but we couldn’t go past a slider from Sliders On Tyres and a much hyped (by me) creme brulee from The Brulee Cart.

They hit the spot perfectly, and if you want to see a small, saliva inducing vid of my vanilla bean creme brulee cracking, head to the blog instagram page.



My first purchase was this ring from Pirdy

( Excuse the photo quality- their Etsy site is closed atm, so couldn’t use their site pics!)

I did have my eye on the pinch pots and the bowls, but with a set amount of spending money at my disposal, I decided I shouldn’t peak too early and just opt for a small creation.


Next up was a cuddly cat plushy from Quirkiesu

The one I got is slightly different to the one in the pics, but he is awesome and came in very handy as a cuddle substitute on Saturday night, when my REAL cat was being a jerk!



I got some GORGEOUS prints from Studio Cockatoo

The goat and squirrel I got for my partners sister, as the goat is her spirit animal and the squirrel reminded me of our US holiday together last year.
I got the boxer print for my Dad who loves anything to do with boxers, and subsequently owns one, and picks up his second dog on Monday.
It was so hard to not want to get more of these prints.
They had such a variety of just animals alone ( which pleased me no end), but if you browse their site you can see the different options.



I then got some cards from Welly’s WondersFullSizeRender

( Again excuse the photo, another DIY job)

The woman at the stall informed us, that all the drawings were done by her brother in-law who draws for DISNEY (!) and is currently working on the new Lego movie.
His wife also writes books based on the characters he’s drawn, and you could buy those at the stall along with prints and the cards.
Before the lady had even spoken to us I was drawn (excuse the pun) in by these little critters, and once I was told it was by an Disney illustrator I knew why, they evoke memories of all my favourite movies as a kid.


Now to the things I saw, but didn’t buy.

Some prints from Pete Cromer

I got particularly excited about the Fairy Wren print, people who follow me on snapchat will be familiar with my Fairy Wren visitor Brian, who comes to my window at work.
So beautiful and colourful, I can’t wait to buy some.


Anything from The Naturalist

If you were lucky enough to go to the market, you will know what I’m talking about.
Her stall was set up like an overgrown, early 1900’s library/green house, with little trinkets and bookplates, vintage tins, butterfly paper weights, old diagrams of flora and fauna and greenery surrounding everything.

This is where my decorating bipolar kicks in, one part of me wants modern, bright, Ikea style minimalism, and the other part wants rollicking maximal-ism, with book shelves to the ceiling and walls covered in curios.


Crystal planters from Terrariums by Bella

Crystals and Terrariums are definitely having a style moment these days, and I was so into these little gems.
They also had a spiky clear quartz one that looked spectacular.

Some cake plates from RARA Studio
There were quite a few ceramic stalls, but this one caught me eye in particular because of the name. One of my Aunty’s nicknames is RaRa.
I love the rough shapes and textures of these plates.

As you can see, I have mentally spent probably sixteen million hundred dollars.

But so many of the things I saw could easily be fab housewarming presents, or something special for a birthday.

The best part is you’re supporting local, aussie artists and businesses by buying directly from them and with most of them having online stores you don’t have to wait until the next market to purchase something.
Hope you enjoyed my re-cap, if you went to the market, let me know what you bought, I’d love to hear about it!


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