I need dis.

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly lust after any other items this week…

I’m sure you could look into my desires for these items and psychoanalyze ’til the cows come home.

I’m sure there’s even an angle where you could rant about consumerism, and how my generation is all about ” THINGS, MAN” and so on and so forth.

You COULD think about all those things, but what you SHOULD do is silence those weiner voices and look at these pretty things that I wish were my very own, and someday soon maybe will be…
Like maybe next pay…well at least one of the things…
I work 50 hour weeks, I don’t have kids, and I don’t have hobbies. Haters gonna hate.


Aviana Skirt by Rodeo Show

Have you ever seen an item of clothing and known that it’s totally impractical, totally out of budget, and totally right up your alley?
Hello Rodeo Show.
I blame ZFB.
During her recent press tour for her new book Amazinger Face, she has been sporting BULK Rodeo Show, and so I casually looked them up, expecting them to be all about petite size 6-8 gals with legz fo dayz.
They stock up to size 14.
Damn it, but also *praise jesus*.


Giant sparkly earrings from Merci Perci

See requirement for statement earrings here.
They speak to my glitter encrusted heart.


Kalastyle Candles

I love having a few good quality candles ready to burn whenever tickles my fancy.
I’ve had the soap by Kalastyle before and loved the fresh fragrance, and I suspect the candles will have the same effect.


Some sort of new vehicle. Maybe a Subaru?

Okay, so we’re crossing into REAL fantasy land here.

Alls I know is, mine is due for replacing, and I like the look of these.
I’m set on getting a wagon.
I just like the idea that if I get a dog, or two, they’ll be able to fit in the back.
I could get a ute, but y’know, with potential soccer mum status possible in a few years, it’s probably a more practical choice.


New PJ’s from Peter Alexander

Could actually see myself wearing this exact outfit, just… all the time.
Why are polka dots becoming a thing in my life at the mo’?

What about you?
What are you lusting over at the moment? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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