“Top” stuff.

So I’ve had a long day, (going under anaesthetic was one of the many activities I encountered) and so when the urge to buy myself something new came along, I couldn’t resist.

With the godsend that is AfterPay I totes don’t have any buyers remorse or guilt either.


I figure at least one of these beauties has gotta look nice on me, either with jeans and heeled boots, or a pencil skirt and heels.


Review┬áhas always been a brand that caters well to my generous chesticles, so I’m looking forward to trying these babies when they arrive.

Wishbone top from Review
Pocha top from Review

I also managed to snag $90 off the total price as Review currently have 30% off seperate’s.


If you’re looking for a sign that you should treat yourself to that top, that dress or those shoes…this is it.


I promise I won’t tell anyone!

I shall be doing a Polyvore style board using these two tops over the weekend, so stay tuned. ( See a previous board of mine, here.)


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