This post may, or may not change your life…

Okay, so it has been brought to my attention that a magnificent service called AfterPay has been created and is now available across a variety of online stores, and trust me you WANT to know about it.

I was first introduced to the concept of After Pay when I purchased my spotty pants from Cue (read about them here).

What is AfterPay you ask?

Well in simple terms, it’s essentially like lay-by, but online.
The key difference is, you get your goodies posted to you straight away, and the payments are direct debited out of your nominated account every 2 weeks, interest free.
You can also manage your account yourself, and pay off things quicker if you want to.

How good is that!?

Here are a few stores that I like that offer AfterPay-

Adore Beauty:
I’m a frequent user of this store, stocking brands like Aesop and Dermalogica, they also have tonnes of beauty brands.
They offer 2 free samples with every order, free shipping, and often gift with purchase items.


Obviously I’m a fan of Cue clothing, they are a touch pricey, but the quality and the style’s they offer are fab.
Now with AfterPay, it could be worth investing in some key pieces for yourself.


I’m only new to this site, but Ry is Australia’s largest online skincare, haircare and cosmetics store.
Brands like Real Techniques for brushes, Ardell false lashes, GHD and Bondi Sands will make splurging on myself just that little bit easier!


Tony Bianco:
Needs some new heels, but can’t get to a store?
Don’t want to spend THAT much money all in one hit?
Why not AfterPay it, and get some good quality clophoppers for what feels like a fraction of the price?


I can’t believe that A) they have an online store ( how did I not know this?) and B) it has AfterPay.
I’ll never be short of a housewarming present again.


If you want to see the rest of the stores that have AfterPay available, you can check out the store directory here.

Also, if there is a store you love that doesn’t offer this service, there’s a little spot at the bottom of the store directory page for you to type in your chosen shop’s name, and the team will look into approaching them.

Why not go one step further and email your fave brand yourself?
The more people ask for it, the more places will use it!

Think of the possibilities- Go-To skincare, Bonds, ASOS, Target, K-mart, The Iconic, IKEA ( a girl can dream) anywhere that has an online store!

This could mean bad news for my bank balance, but it’s excellent news for the rest of my life.

I promise I’m not being paid to promote this!

I know alot of people out there who would benefit from having a service like this made available to them, and hey it might be old news, but it’s new to me!

Happy shopping!




7 thoughts on “This post may, or may not change your life…

  1. Sooo conflicted about this information! Have spent the morning investigating options… baby clothes, mama clothes, make-up. .oh my! Now you mention House…. oh my gosh!!
    Do looove this as a gift shopping idea to!
    Oh you are a wealth of knowledge miss.. and a very bad influence on my bank balance!

    Liked by 1 person

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