A blog, a trip, and what the hell is a Geocache?

Wow, I haven’t written in a post in 2 weeks.

My bad.

I’m gonna start this one off by IMPLORING you, to go over and check out the newest Beauty to Di for blog post on www.makeupbydianne.com.au

( Actually check out all of her posts, but her newest one is about her wedding a few months ago. SO GORGE).
Di has featured in my “Spotlight on” series ( read her responses here), and is an absolute makeup and products GUN.

Not only are her posts fun to read, you’re also going to get so many ideas on what beauty items to buy and why.
Maybe hide the credit card * winky face*.

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend ( for Victoria) is next week, and I have a trip planned to a town called Daylesford with my partner and another couple of friends.

It’s my bloody favourite place.

I’ve actually been going there since I was a little kid, my parents used to take my brothers and I to the caravan park.

A gorgeous part of Australia, food, wine and relaxation are in abundance!

My best friend and I took a whirlwind girly trip to ol’ D-ford a couple of years ago, and had a psychic reading here, which was a cool experience.

This time the gang and I are staying here at Akora cottage near the main street of town-


There is an plethora of things to do, but so far things we have agreed on doing over there are:

Visiting Hepburn Springs Bathhouse ( Boys will be playing golf, us gals will be going here)-

Having lunch at Holgate Brewhouse ( don’t drink beer, but the boys will)-slider_hotel_2.jpg

And perhaps wandering over to the Daylesford Cider Company ( now cider I do drink)-

There are lots of wineries too, so I’m hoping that we go on a bit of a mission and check some out.

So as the title of this post suggests, I just wanted to touch quickly on this thing called Geocaching.
I’d never heard of it before, and I’m not entirely sure I should even be writing about it…

I get the impression it’s quite secretive but ANYWHO!

Basically, dotted around the world, people have placed little items ( mostly a plastic container containing a logbook of sorts for you to sign) in secret hiding places.
To find them, you download the app and use GPS to find where the items are.
Once you find them, you check them off your list ( on the app) and put the geocache back where you found it for the next person to find.

Not only can you find geocaches that other people have made, but you can create one for yourself, upload the coordinates and some clues and watch people comment on online about it.

I was SO surprised to find that my hometown actually has SEVERAL geocaches hiding in various locations, and I plan on trying to discover some this weekend.

It probably sounds super nerdy, but I’m pretty excited to try and find these little things.

I wonder if I could combine finding wineries, with finding Geocaches….



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