I need dis. Okay, scratch that. I got dis.

For whatever reason, I bought a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have yesterday.

One part of my brain screamed.

But then there was this other little voice that was like ” HEY GURL YOU TOTES NEED THESE ITEMS! YOU’RE GOING TO BE SO CUTTING EDGE AND PUT TOGETHER! BUY ! BUY! BUY!”

Always one to root for the underdog I caved, and thus am now awaiting 2 packages.

One from Cue containing these bad boys:
Spot-Cotton-Pants-C20412-W16_400x800_635965670229783445_C20412-W16-988-2.jpgAnd another from ASOS containing these:
image1xxl (1).jpg
Because, what good are spotted pants if you dont have metallic, pointed flats to go with them?

After the euphoria of buying new stuff had settled, I jumped onto my Polyvore page and whipped up a little style board.
The pants featured on the board aren’t the same as the ones I bought, but with limited internet access ( and the fact that I was at work…oops..) the only choice I had was to improvise.
There are little widgets/tools that allow you to get pictures from sites and upload them yourself, but it wasn’t working for me.

This is how I envision wearing my new purchases, and I may have decided I need that see through, glitter confetti clutch too…
image1 (7).jpgSome of the pics appear blurry…again probably something to do with the internet speed out here.
Anyway, thoughts?
Ever used Polyvore before?


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