Totally Lush.

Tapping through my snapchat stories the other day, I watched one by Manny MUA where he went to the Lush factory in Canada and saw how some of their products were made.

I had never bought anything for myself from Lush before, from memory I’d bought a gift pack for a friend for her birthday, but apart from browsing I’d never taken anything home.

The past couple of times I’ve entered the store I’ve found the staff very willing to help, but almost too willing.
I know that Lush products are all natural, that they dont test on animals etc. but I always got the feeling that the sales assistants are just waiting for the chance to judge your current bathroom staples, or that they’re dying to extoll the virtues of how “ethical Lush is yaddah-yaddah-yaddah.”
That’s all well and good, I totally respect that.
But I just want to smell some damn bath bombs and put some body lotion on my hands in peace.

Anyway, so after being inspired by Manny,( Inspired? Subliminally coerced? I’m an advertisers dream.) I decided I would buy a few items online and give them a whirl.

I was excited to find out that Lush love giving a free sample! *cue hallelujah chorus*
So apart from the items I paid for I also got some extra things, which was a nice surprise.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub-lush1
I love a good body scrub.
So far I have used this in the shower as an afterthought, so basically just slapped it on and made rush circular motions.
The texture is what you want in a scrub, but as it’s main ingredient is sea salt, if you’re doing it while you’re under running water, it loses grit and becomes more like a body wash.
The best way to get the most out of it, is to turn the taps off and slather it on, working it all over, then turn the taps back on to rinse off.

Mask of Magnaminty- lush2.jpgWord of warning about this mask.
DO NOT  be arrogant and leave this mask on your face longer than the instructed 10 minutes.
Because your face will be left with a green tinge, that’s why!
Going to an audition for the next She-Hulk?
Well then leave it on for 20 mins.
Apart from that happening to me the first time I used this, I have been pretty happy with this stuff. It’s thick, clay based, and the skin is left feeling soft after washing it off.

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar- lush3.jpg
I bought this product mainly out of curiosity.
I often get sore muscles, not from any sort of physical exertion, ( Pilates once a week represent!) but because I’m overweight, at a desk all day, and have shitty posture.
One side of the soap bar is straight soap, and the other side has little aduki beans moulded into it.
It took me a minute to realise that you are supposed to use the soap based side first, to give your skin some lather, THEN use the beans side to massage.
I just went straight to bean side and was like ” Hey! Why isn’t this rolling across my wet skin properly?”
When you use it correctly, the feeling is pleasant.
Not as hard a pressure as I prefer, but it’s a relaxing sensation across the tops of the shoulders and down the legs.

None Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm- lush4.jpgThis was an impulse buy.
I have no problem with the two current balms I’m using, (Products I’m using: Part 2 Everyday Face,  Ample Samples) I was just being a lip balm sluz.
So far it hasn’t made it into my hand bag, it’s currently sitting in the bathroom.
The texture is a little grainy, but that melts as soon as you rub it on your lips, it absorbs well, but I find I feel like I need to apply more shortly after.
I would use it as a “pre applying a lip colour” lip conditioner,  more than something I’d use everyday.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel- lush5.jpg
My partner loves body wash, so I bought this one for him.
I’ve used it a few times now too, it’s refreshing and certainly makes you feel clean!

Dreamwash Roulade- lush6.jpg
Essentially a soap, but the intriguing thing about this product is how it looks and feels.
These roulades are cut offs from what I imagine is a giant slab of the product. So their shape is somewhat irregular.
They feel a bit squishy, and you wonder how they’re going to hold up in the shower.
They lather up like a dream and leave the skin feeling soft, not tight or dry like many other soaps would.
This also has little particles of glitter through it. Win!

I did receive two other samples the Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream and a Sunrise Soap,

but I’m yet to try these out.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned anything about the SMELLS of these prodz.

Well that’s because I’ve been slightly underwhelmed!
I guess my expectations were for somewhat overpowering scents, based on the times I’d been into a store.
Perhaps this is limited to just the bathbombs? I’m not sure.
The only item that has a certain, distinguishable smell is the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar, and well, I don’t mind the scent, but let’s just say my partner gagged when he smelt it.

The Mask of Magnaminty does have a minty aroma, but it’s subtle, as with the body wash and the roulade.
All of the scents in the online descriptions are faint at best.
Maybe that appeals to you?
I know not everyone enjoys a strong smelling product.
I love strong essential oil scents, so that is probably why I’m despondent.

All in all, I can say that I’ve enjoyed using the soaps and the body washes, so they might become permanent fixtures in our bathroom.
I like that they aren’t tested on animals and are Vegan friendly, and while it’s not with conviction that I buy only these types of products, I can certainly make a good start by beginning with these.

Has anyone else had any Lush product experiences?


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  1. Great post! I have a blog and it’s just lush things! It would be amazing if you could go over and check it out, or maybe even give me a follow/like! Thanks so much xx


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