I got dis. Coat edition.

I bet you’re all dying to ask
” Hey Jess, What was the deal with your whole coat search? Did you get anything from your list? Please tell me! Your blog is the only thing I read and take recommendations from. Oh my god. Please tell me!”

First of all, chill out. Sheesh, needy much?

Second of all, I have indeed found a coat, and it was one from my list!

The coat process wasn’t without its trials and tribulations however.

So you may remember in my I need dis: Coat edition  post, I was pretty sold on this ASOS number:image1xxlI was all ” Oh my god- who needs a duffle coat anymore? Toggles? Boo! This is the ONE!”

So I bought it.
I was particularly smug about it too.
It was $695 slashed down to $170 afterall! This was going to be my buy of the year!
Well, let me tell you, it was not.

When the parcel arrived, I was ecstatic.
I’d qualified for free express shipping, so my coat had turned up within a week, just in time for some wooly weather.

When I opened the package, oh god. So much disappoint. Much sad.

The fabric was thin. Like, I’m talking a lined cardigan. Not the heavy, wool blend I was envisioning.
The material felt scratchy and stiff, and the cut was just WRONGTOWN on me.
It was so square that it made my boobs look like a colossal uni-boob, not to mention it made me look 3 meters wide.
Most certainly not the heavy, but willowy, drapey effect it appears to have on the model.
The perils of internet shopping!

So I promptly sent it back, and to ASOS’s credit, their returns system is fantastic.
I was refunded my money a few days after they got the coat back.

After that disappointment, I went cold ( pardon the pun) on the coat search for a while.

Until I just so happened to find myself in Chadstone Shopping Centre last week.

One of the other coats on my post was this one from Forever New:faux fur

” Is a faux fur hood trim tacky?”
I wondered.
” Will the buckles do up over my boobs?”
Anywho, so wandering through Chadstone, I decide that I best seek out this coat and at least give it a shot.
I enter the store, gaze around ( wearily at this stage I might add, I hadn’t had lunch haha), and I can’t see it.
I try on a different style coat, but it didn’t float my boat.
I turn to leave the store and I see it.
Albeit the cream version, but THE duffle coat nonetheless.
I find a 14 and throw it on.
The fit is perfect.
The zip does up all the way.
The buckles don’t look like they’re about to burst apart at any second.
I don’t even mind the fur!
The cream, I found, actually suit my skin tone and hair colour. It was an all round super win!
I went up to the counter and asked if they had the size 14 but in the navy.
They didn’t, but offered to check other stores.
I deliberated for about 40 seconds, then decided ” Stuff it.” I like the cream. Sure Navy is gorgeous, but when your closest store is 100kms away and you’re running on an empty stomach, a flattering cream coat is as good as it’s going to get!

So here she is:23456302.jpgMy brand new Delta Faux Fur Duffle Coat from Forever New.

She’s already been worn out once, and I’m looking forward to being able to wear her out and about again soon!

The best feature is definitely the giant hood, it makes you feel super cosy.

Anyone else been on the winter coat hunt lately?


4 thoughts on “I got dis. Coat edition.

  1. I’ve been looking for a coat, the coat you ended up on is beautiful! I’m currently still rocking my ASOS maternity coat, but I hated it when I was pregnant and hate it now so it’s gotta go.


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