Pre-Post Disclaimer

My cat still hasn’t returned.

I’m trying to find pleasure in the things that usually make me happy, and I’m met with this strange feeling.

I’ll laugh or smile at something, then feel bad about it.
How can I be happy when my beloved pet is still not at home?

Then comes the wave of sad thoughts, damp fur from the recent storms, a hungry belly, a raspy throat from meowing repeatedly, frightened eyes and a cowering posture…
And that’s the preferred alternative.

It hurts.

It also hurts that people would think that I don’t care, or that my lack of physical displays of emotion, or the fact that everyday routines are still being done out of necessity mean that I’m ” Not a good pet parent”.

That I’m somehow milking this experience for attention, or that my current efforts ” aren’t good enough” is enough to make me seethe with resentment.
Grief isn’t a competition.

Anyone who casts a judgemental eye on those in pain, should be casting that same eye onto themselves.

On that note, I’m going to do another post on some samples I’ve been using.

Heaven forbid.


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