Ample Samples

Every three months Mecca  release a ” Beauty Loop Box” to members of the Mecca Beauty Loop.
( You qualify by spending a certain amount of money with them every year.)
Inside the Beauty Loop box is a selection of curated samples from their wide range of brands.
Because I don’t live near a store, to get my box I have to make a purchase online and they send it out with my order.

What I purchased:

Stila Convertible Colour in Gerberai-001775-convertible-colour-gerbera-1-378.jpg
I love cream blushes, I find they’re so easy to put straight onto a liquid foundation base, or even stand alone for a sweet flush.
This product was recommended by Zoe Foster Blake, so of course, I bought it sight unseen.
The colour is wonderful,totally flattering  and I highly recommend this product myself as a staple inclusion in anyone’s make-up bag.


Lanolips 101 Fruities in Peach

After reading so much hype ( for years actually) about Lanolips, I FINALLY purchased a tube.
The peach smell/taste is YUM.
The consistency is thick, but you don’t need a lot, and it absorbs quite quickly.
It can be used on rough cuticles, and other sexy dry skin spots too, so it’s worth the price in my opinion.

A Beautiful Life, The All Nighter styling powderi-015189-all-nighter-styling-powder-1-378.jpg
I was in a bit of a dry shampoo rut, so I chucked this in my cart.
It’s a fine powder, that gives the hair texture and grit, but I didn’t find that it gave my hair that “refreshed” feeling that you want when you haven’t washed your hair for 3 days…
I’ll defs use it to give my roots and ends a smidge of volume, or after I’ve curled my hair for a bit of grab, but I won’t use it to get me between washes.

The Free Shit:
The Beauty Loop Box contained I think about 4 samples, and then you get 3 free samples with any online order.
So I was rolling in sample heaven.
I can’t remember which came with what, but this is what I got.
( Remembering I had SAMPLE sized versions of these prodz, but for post purposes, I’ve got the full sized pic.)

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15i-020446-veil-mineral-primer-spf-15-60ml-1-378.jpgI remember thinking it looked very white coming out of the sachet.
I sort of wondered if it would give a “flashback” in any photo’s with a flash and make my entire face look white.
I used it on myself and a friend before going out for lunch, and it absorbed really well.
We were outside all day and I would say it worked effectively.
I think the SPF element is good if you’re going to be outside, but I would only use this in conjunction with my own sunscreen.
Not a bad base for day time events.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanseri-023070-exfolikate-cleanser-1-378.jpgI got about 2 washes out of the sachet, and I wish I’d had more!
Very gentle, but effective and left my skin feeling very soft.
I hadn’t done a mask or a scrub on my face for a few days so it was perfect timing for this product.
Would be perfect for dry skin types wanting to create a smooth surface for moisturiser to soak in.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primeri-023106-shadow-insurance-1-378.jpgI used the entire sample on myself for one application.
It’s lovely and creamy, and I felt like it kept my glittery shadow, winged liner combo in place for the evening.
In saying that, nothing will stop eyeliner being smudged by a careless ” My contacts are irritating me” eye rub…idiot…

Dr Brandt Glow Revitalising Retinol Eye Creami-017278-glow-revitalising-retinol-eye-cream-1-378

Dis fancy.
I used it under my eyes before bed on one evening, and had enough left to use it again before I put some makeup on another occasion.
My under eye area looked visibly brighter, and plumped up the wrinkles on my lower lids.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil  

i-019482-100-pure-argan-oil-1-378Okay, so nothing will stop me from using Go-To Face Hero, but this stuff is pretty darn good!
The sample bottle I got is STILL going which is awesome, and a little goes a long way.
I’ve been using this face oil as my ” day oil” and using the Go-To at night.
This oil is a bit lighter than face hero, and doesn’t feel as dense.
I put about 4 drops on my finger tips and work it in before I put my moisturiser on.
I’m almost considering making it a permanent addition, as I’m enjoying the two different oils.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturiser SPF 15i-019494-argan-oil-daily-moisturiser-1-378.jpg

Non-greasy for a moisturiser with an SPF, and quite lightweight.
There was nothing bad about the product, but I have my own system for sun protection so as a moisturiser, it’s fairly standard.

Lancome Teint Miracle ( can’t remember the shade!) i-018058-teint-miracle-005-1-378.jpgOoh la-la!
This is the first “sampler” of a foundation that has more or less matched my skin tone!
I loved it, and when I need a new foundation I’m going to go and get properly colour matched for this one.
The shade I had the sample of was probably a bit too yellow, but I whitened it up with a bit of powder etc, so it worked on me for a night out.
Gorgeous coverage, and made my skin glowy and perfect.

So all in all, the samples have been fun.
I probably won’t be running out and purchasing anything too soon, but the Lancome foundation and perhaps the Josie Maran Argan oil will be on my little wishlist.
The items that I actually bought,  will become staples ( apart from the dry shamps), so that is pleasing.
Sample sized ANYTHING makes me super happy, so between now and the next Beauty Loop Box, I guess I’ll be back to scamming samples the old fashioned way.
Looking like I’m interested in buying something, getting them out of magazines or actually buying something from Mecca or Adore Beauty…






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