I need dis: Coat edition

I have a confession to make.

I went back and tried on the Gorman coat 2 days after my dramatic, slow motion, movie scene, walk away.

I entered the store pretty certain that I was going to be leaving with the pom-pom coat of my dreams.

I approached a sales assistant and promptly asked for the size 12,  to which she sort let out an ” errr…’ and glanced to to her left.

There was a gal, trying it on, seeking some sort of approval from her disinterested partner doing the ” I dunno- just decide already” face.

I assumed by the sales assistant’s awkward hesitance to speak, that it was the only 12 left in the shop and was grateful when the girl who currently had it on asked if I needed to try it too.

I thrust it on, my mind buzzing with ” What will I do if we both want it?” scenario’s and glee that I could totally take her down if it came down to a fist fight. ( I had my boyfs sis and mum to help me take her down if need be).

But then, as I popped the large hood over my head, I realised I didn’t get the same spark that I had gotten only 2 days prior.

Yeah sure, the toggles did up over my boobs ( always a big win in the coat department) and yes I LOVED the dangly pom-pom’s and the hood.
But did it really flatter me? Was it REALLY something I could justify now after all that lusting?

I took it off and handed it back to the patiently waiting other girl*, and with a twist of my heel, I was out.

So here I’am, still winter coat-less, and on.


Forever New Delta Faux Fur Duffle Coat:
faux fur.jpg

The faux fur part of this coat is around the outside of the hood. ( Not seen in this pic)
It appears to be removable which is a big plus.
I’m not sure how I feel about faux fur, part of me is like ” Ew, TACKORAMA” but then if it’s done right, ( and all the element’s certainly seem right with this coat) it could probably look good. I’d love the length to be a bit longer. It’s defs on my try list though.


ASOS Duffle Coat in Longline:

This one comes in two colour options, the Grey pictured or ” Berry”.
There aren’t any picture references for the Berry, but I’m almost certain if I was to get this coat, I’d be buying it in Berry.
The only downside is not being able to try it on for size, and going through the annoying returns process if it’s not right.


Barney’s Originals Melton Wool Duffel Coat:

image3xxl (1).jpg

This one just popped up on my ASOS search.
It’s not bad and it’s only $52 down from $238…currently they have a size 12… but again could be a risk with the sizing.
One to watch I think…


Cooper & Stollbrand Zip Duffle Coat with Hood:
Okay. So this looks gorge.
Another online, non try-onable buy….I’m feeling like I couldn’t go wrong with this coat though.
The subtle pattern gives it a little somethin’, somethin’, and it also comes with a hood.
Maybe I don’t want toggles?


Uniqlo Wool Blended Duffle Coat:

I love the red!
I worry that the shoulders might be too tight of a fit, but I would have to try it on and see!


Saint Lauren Classic Duffle Coat:

Okay so this one is just a fantasy listing…but how beautiful is it?
*sigh* Maybe one day….

Do you have any coats on your wishlist this year?
Or do you have your winter coat staple already? I’d love to know.

*Other girl took the coat straight to the counter as I walked out.
I like to think I helped Gorman make an otherwise “umm-ing and ahh-ing” customer commit to the purchase.
I wonder if I should be getting a percentage of the commission…


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