Treat yo’self 2016

The mission: Execute the perfect RDO/ Productive shopping day combination.
The participants: Me, flanked by my incorrigible shopping side kick, Zoe.
The results: Well, if you want to find out, then I suggest you read on.

Okay so now that the level 1 dramatic intro is over, I shall now share with you what I purchased on our shopping adventure yesterday, aptly dubbed ” Treat yo’self 2016″.

The motto for the day, was created as a mantra to recite whenever we were questioning a purchase. ( This mantra however, didn’t work for one item in particular which I shall get into later…)

Our first stop was to Brava in Prahran.
Zoe had extolled their virtues to me previously, and as luck would have it most of my bra’s were falling apart.
My last bra expedition was about 4 years ago in London.
I nearly cried in Debenham’s when I saw that they had bras in my size, AND in two packs! Such value!
Such variety!
I promptly purchased something like 6 sets, and threw away all the bras I’d brought with me on my trip.
At Brava, the bra fitters don’t use a tape measure; and there’s a good chance they will know your size before they even fit you, such is their expertise.
My sales assistant was efficient and spot on with sizing me, and after a few trial and errors we got my size sorted.
Full disclosure; I had previously been wearing bra’s in a 14G, the two new bra’s I purchased after being re-fitted were a 10J.
Holy bap-mobile’s.
One of the bra’s was this Ewa Michalak one:
And the other one was a simple black, in the same style and brand.
There is definitely something to be said for getting fitted properly. It can instantly lift your whole silhouette. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO IT!


Next we perused the stores along High Street in Armadale, and made a stop into Gorman and Mister Zimi to try on some things from my “I need dis” list.
(Refresh your memory here).

The coat. Oh my gosh, the coat.
It was everything I wanted it to be and more.
The hood.
The fabric.
The pom-pom’s.
It was love.

But I walked away.
Why? Well I couldn’t justify the price at that very moment.
I repeated the mantra ( “Treat yo’self 2016, Treat yo’self 2016”), but it was “The start of our shopping day” and “It might go on sale” so I left the store with out it.
I have resolved to get it…I just need to figure out how.

At Mister Zimi the top I had my eye on looked very different on me than the model. Surprise, surprise!
BUT, I did walk away with a Tina Dress in the Marrakesh print:
They’re too fun to resist!

After a lunch pit stop we ventured out to Chadstone Shopping Centre, and Aesop was next on my list.
I’d been wanting to try a facial moisturiser from them, and after a few skin questions from the lovely lady in the store, I got the Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating CreamCamellia_Nut_Facial_Hydrating_Cream_60ml.png
Then I also ” treated mahself” to a yummy Resurrection Aromatique Hand BalmRESURRECTION_HAND_BALM_75mL_1.pngEverything smells so good in an Aesop store, plus we got a free cup of herbal tea- score!


Kmart was next for some new active wear.
I’m currently doing Pilates and starting PT sessions soon, so my current two pairs of tights just weren’t going to cut it.
I grabbed a stripy, colourful pair for $15 and also got a grey zip up jacket for those colder days. ( No pics available for these soz!).

My next purchase was some MORE leggings, but this time from Bonds.

I’m obsessed with bright tights at the moment.
These were on sale at Myer, but they’re also on sale on the Bonds online website.


My last purchase was some juices from the Pressed Juices store.
My tummy has been playing up on me, and has thus resulted in not being able to eat very much.
I figured if I at least am able to consume a few of these over the weekend, I won’t be starving.

We of course visited many other stores, ( Country Road and Peter Alexander were also added to my ” had to walk away” list) and Zoe got a kick ass haul of things too.
I may have also gone into the Gorman at Chadstone and looked for a size 12 pom- pom duffle coat…
They didn’t have the size 12 on the rack.
Damn it.



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