Spotlight on: Skye Holland

Skye was my first friend to leave school and brave the real world.
Always wise beyond her years, it came as no surprise to me when she came back to Bairnsdale and started forging her own path, creating a now thriving business.

Smart, beautiful and with a fiery determination, Skye will happily pass on her findings in this new and often uncharted world of organic, healthy, beauty.
Her eye for style is evident in her tastefully adorned salon, and she is my first and only port of call if I’m in the area and need some hair TLC.
With her own product line starting to pick up speed, she is the embodiment of the saying “You create your own destiny”.


A smoothie with Skye Holland.

Current Profession:

Hairdresser and owner of Natural Indulgence Hair and Wellness.
I started my hair dressing career when I was 14 and was qualified by the age of 17.
Having lived in Bairnsdale all of my life, I decided to move to the Gold Coast in QLD.

I worked for a short time still hairdressing, but I lost my passion for it.
I gave it up and studied to be a personal trainer ( another passion of mine) and I ran my own business.
When the passion for hairdressing came back, I worked part time doing both.
After 3 years living on the Gold Coast I decided to moved to Sydney.
I worked as a manager of a high end salon where I became very ill, and it was later discovered that it was due to all of the chemicals I was being exposed to at the salon.

I was about to end my career in hair dressing when I met a woman who had a natural hair salon.
2 weeks later I was working with her ,with an offer to buy into her business, and I was running her second salon for her.
My health started to improve with a lot of work, and armed with knowledge of what chemicals do to the body, my passion for hair and health evolved.

I decided to move back to Bairnsdale and open my own Natural/Organic hair salon and incorporate my passion for hair and health. My salon has been open for almost 2 years now, with a plane to grow and expand.

I have also started my own line of raw, vegan, hair care, which I have personally designed and manufactured. These amazing products are soon to be sold on a commercial level.


How would you describe your skin?
I still struggle with my skin as I have PCOS.
I do get a lot of breakouts (one of the side effects).


What is your current everyday skin routine?
I cleanse my face doing a lymphatic drainage technique and use skin products that my holistic beauty therapist makes up, they are all raw.
Her brand and beauty salon is called Clarity and Light.
I also do raw facials once a week/fortnight where I make my own masque.
For example I  will combine honey and cinnamon for one, or cocoa powder and melted coconut oil. I even use avocado!

I also do a raw microdermabrasion using bi-carb soda & alkalized water.


What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
You can’t go past coconut oil. That is a must in my beauty products. Its an amazing all rounder product.coconut-oil.jpg


How often do you wash your hair? What do you use?
I’am extremely LAZY with my hair.
I wash my hair once a week sometimes once every 2-3 weeks.
I use a brand called Qaba

and products from my own hair care line Alaka.
I’am very big on weekly treatments and making sure my hair is washed, brushed and cut properly to maintain a healthy and luscious look to it.


What is your usual makeup/hair look? How do you achieve it?
So once again I’m lazy.
I would say I go for a more Boho style.
My hair is currently short and it is cut in a way that I don’t have to spend time doing it.
Some days I will throw some curls in there, sometimes I will pin it up in a few different styles or I just get out of bed and not do it for the day!
When it was long it was always curled or in a beachy messy hair style.
There are some day/nights where I will spend a lot of time doing my hair to make it look perfect for whatever the occasion may be.


Looking back, what hairstyle, makeup or fashion look did you used to wear, that makes you cringe now?
Being a hairdresser, I have had endless hair styles and colours, so there has been many a time where I cringe and think “Oh my god! Why did I do that!?”
But it was the “in” hair style at that particular time.


What is your number one tip relating to makeup; hair or fashion that you wish everyone knew?
Less is more!
Since I have not been able to use ANYTHING with harsh chemicals I have learned that
less is more.
You can still achieve the same look with minimal risk to your health and wellbeing.
My other tip is to be comfortable in your own skin.
Find the style that works best for you and go with that.


What is on your beauty related wish list right now? What is something you’ve always wanted to try?
I would have to say some more natural nail polishes. There is more on the market these days and I have only a few and tried a few brands.


What is the best part of your job?
Everything! I get to use my creativity everyday, I get to make women feel the best version of themselves and I can help educate them on their health and wellness journey to having healthy luscious hair.


You can find Skye on Instagram:

insta @natural_indulgence

facey Natural Indulgence Hair and Wellness

Check out her product line Alaka here on Instagram:
(website to come)
For any orders or information on Alaka, or to get in touch about appointments, contact Skye via a private message on the salon Facebook page.


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