Spotlight on: Lahnie Tong

How to begin a post featuring Lahnie?

Lahnie has always been a glass half full type of gal, and her optimism is enough to even change the minds of the biggest cynics (*cough* me *cough*).

It’s hard to ignore her passionate and infectious personality, she’s one of those friends that brings the mood up at any occasion.

She is a new mum, ( Harrison is 5 months old- Sceptical Penguin Baby if anyone is familiar with my instagram) and she has generously given some of her time to answer some of my questions.

Coffee and ” me ” time with Lahnie Tong


Current Profession:
Hmmm good question.
New mum, Waitress, Nutrimetics consultant, Retail assistant in a Hardware store (mixing paint, selling bathroom fittings etc). A bit of everything at the moment!


How would you describe your skin?
Normal/Dry. It has changed since I’ve had Harrison and it’s now on the dryer side with the odd break out.


What is your current everyday skin routine?
I used to be fairly regimented. I would:

Cleanse: With Nutrimetics Clear Facewashclearfacewash.jpg
Tone: With Nutrimetics Clear Spray Toner-toner.jpg
Some Serum: Nutrimetics DNAserum.jpg
Then Moisturise: Nutrimetics SPF 50+ Day Lotion– daylotion.jpg

I would repeat this routine at night but change the moisturiser to Nutrimetics Comfort Moisturisercomfort.jpg

However these days, I am pretty happy if I can get the morning OR night routine in!
I had this false expectation that once H was born, I would be able to keep up with my old routine and in truth I’m sure I could.
But some days your whole body aches with exhaustion and I’m happy to just take my makeup off before I go to bed!

Since Harrison was born,  I now use the Nutrimetics Daily Complexion Refinercomplexion refiner.jpg
because it has a really fine scrub in it and makes my skin feel like I’ve made a little more of an effort.

Nutrimetics Clear Spot Correcting Gelspot.jpghas also become a good friend.

What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
I have 2 faves at the moment, Nutrimetics Brighten Eye CorrectorNSImageRenderer.jpg
It hides the dark circles!
And the Australis Finishing Spritzaustralisspritz.jpg
This spray helps to set everything on your face and is really refreshing to spray!


How often do you wash your hair? What do you use?
Ha! Well this is dependant on the day.
Normally 2 or 3 times a week – sometimes twice a day! ( Hello, baby spew!)
I use the Nutrimetics nourish rangenourishrange.jpg
Yup I have Nutrimetics hair products too… haha.
The hair range smells so awesome, I use Nutrimetics because I really love their range.
They dont test on animals and I love the quality of them.


What is your usual makeup/hair look? How do you achieve it?
I would describe my look as natural, but funnily enough,  I probably make more of an effort to put on a face everyday now than I used to.

People always feel the need to comment on how you look when you have a baby, or maybe they were always like this but I’m more sensitive?
Guaranteed, if I’m not wearing my full face its, “geez you look soo tired”.

Yup, thanks guys, I was actually feeling pretty good until you said something!

For my ” out in public” face I have been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation565804_xlarge.jpg

The name just makes me smile and it blends beautifully.

Nutrimetics Brighten Eye Corrector (above) it really works wonders.
This is my fave product for hiding dark circles!

A bit of bronzer, and subtle eyes using the Nutrimetics Professional Nude Eyeshadow Palletenudepallette.jpg

The eye shadows layer and blend beautifully, I like to darken the corners of my eyes to add a little more depth to them.
I also add some lippy for night.


Looking back, what hairstyle, makeup or fashion look did you used to wear, that makes you cringe now?
There are a few home hair dye episodes that I thought were amazing.
Bleach should not be sold for home use, I looked like Cruella DeVille!cruella.jpg

That, and just buying whatever foundation was on special.
There is something to be said for buying to suit your skin type and getting colour matched.


What is your number one tip relating to makeup; hair or fashion that you wish everyone knew?
One word- BLEND!


What is on your beauty related wish list right now? What is something you’ve always wanted to try?
False Eyelasheslashes.jpg I need to know how to apply them properly.


What is the best part of your job?
The variety.
Every day is different and that suits me perfectly!


What are your favourite baby related products?
Skincare: I love the Little Innoscents Organic Hair and Body wash250ml-Organic-Hair-and-Body-Wash-sml.jpg
I’m very conscious of what I use on Harrison’s skin and this has been awesome.
They also have a great sunscreen100ml-Natural-Sun-Lotion-SPF30-sml.jpg
and a moisturiser100ml-Organic-Moisture-Rich-Body-Lotion-sml.jpg
I use that alot.
Bottles: We can only use Avent with the natural topadvent.jpg
We have this fantastic all bells and whistles Medela bottle that came with my electric breast pump the Medela swing– (life saver!) M-030.0040.jpgAnd he will not drink from it!
Oh and my new fave investment is the Ergobaby 360 baby carrierergobaby-360.jpg
It has great back support, can be used until he is 15kgs and makes everything so much easier.
We have 2 dogs that need to be walked regularly and taking them, as well as the pram would nearly send me into a meltdown!
Now Harrison basically falls asleep in it before we leave the house (especially if I have been fighting with him to have a nap), and I’ve got a solid hour before he gets over it and wants out.
It’s excellent for housework or when I’m babysitting my 18 month old niece.
Every mum and every baby is different, is there anything you’ve found that just DOESN’T work for you and H?
Every baby is different, but I have found being too regimented works against us.
If I try and stick to times he just screams and then we are both miserable.
It makes sense that he would be the same as his parents when it comes to routine!
So, I’m learning to pick up on his cues for when he needs a nap and work around it.
How do you keep from comparing yourself to other new mums/other parents?
To be honest this is something I’m still learning.
I am EXTREMELY lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband, group of friends and mothers group, so that helps a lot.
One thing I am really conscious of is that everyone has some form of struggle, regardless of how well they portray themselves to everyone else.
My mother’s group is very open with each other and this has really opened my eyes to that and it makes all the difference.
Having said that, some days get the better of you.
When you have this beautiful little person that won’t stop screaming and you have no idea why, or your house looks like something has exploded inside of it and you can’t keep it clean, even though this little person can’t walk yet (so god help us when he can).
You start to feel useless.
Thats when the good old self doubt kicks in and I’ll start comparing myself to people I think are more capable.
Constance Hall and Em Rusciano always give me a good laugh and some perspective when I’m having the crappy mum days though!
Are there any online sites that you’ve found helpful during your time as a mum so far? Or do you prefer face to face recommendations?
I’m definitely a face to face recommendations person.
I’ll check reviews, but will always go by a friends word because I get frustrated with a lot of the petty feedback online!
One website I do use a lot is
As a side note, the Maternal and Child Health Line 13 22 29 is fantastic for anyone that isn’t sure if something is worthy of a doc visit or just wants a little reassurance on a situation.

If you’re curious about, or want to purchase any Nutrimetics products, you can find Lahnie’s page here:


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