Spotlight on: Jemma Morgan


Jemma is one of my oldest friends.
She can single handedly claim to have guided me through my first forays into makeup.
Yes we were 13 at the time.
Yes, the strains of Spice Girls could probably be heard.
And yes, the makeup MUST HAVE back then was a Maybelline foundation stick, 3 shades too dark. But I digress…

Jemma is as smart as she is beautiful ( which is VERY), she has an incredible knack of being honest without being mean, and you can truly trust her opinion.
She educates herself on every life choice she makes. from becoming a vegetarian, to choosing the best bar in Texas to take a gaggle of gal pals who’ve come to visit.
(That was me last year- in another life Jem could have been a travel agent!)
So you can see how I would want to do a post on her, and share her tips!


A white wine with Jemma Morgan ( Or a coffee if it’s the AM…)

Current Profession:
IT Software Account Manager.
I graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor in Business and Commerce (PR and Marketing Majors).
When I started the job hunt, I came across a company called ProGrad who specialise in placing graduates in Business Development Sales and Marketing roles.
I had to go through an extensive selection process to join their program and once I was accepted I was sent to BMC to interview with 3 other ProGrad candidates and got the job.
I started out with a bit of a mixed role and after 2 years was promoted to be a Sales Specialist then an Account Manager.
I worked out of the Melbourne Australia Office for 5 ½ years and moved to the U.S 21 months ago in a Sales Specialist role, where I covered the South East region for 10 months and now cover the North East.


How would you describe your skin?
Combination and a little on the sensitive side


What is your current everyday skin routine?
Cleanser: Algologie Caress Cleanseralgo.jpg
This cleanser changed my life. It’s all natural ingredients.
Moisturiser:  Algologie Vine SecretVine_Secret__Opt_4c19ce0439dbe.png
Also all natural.
Sometimes I will also use Napoleon Auto Pilot Primernap.jpg
Before I put on makeup.

Cleanse: Using the same as above. I use an oil free eye makeup remover if needed.

Tone: Simple Sensitive Toner (a cheapy but it does the trick).simples.jpg
Moisturise: I use a facial oil that I buy here in the US, Kensington Apothecary Facial Oil facial-oil-1_1024x1024.jpg
I cannot rave enough about facial oils. It feels wrong putting oil on your skin and makes you paranoid you will get pimples but it has the opposite effect and makes your skin soft and clear.

What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
From a skin care standpoint definitely my facial oil….it’s a godsend for someone who travels a lot and spends a lot of time in air conditioning.

Makeup wise, I have always loved my foundation Estee Lauder Double Wearel_sku_9W0710_558x768_0
It’s seriously the most amazing foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey and does not move.


How often do you wash your hair? What do you use?
I used to wash my hair every day but have now cut it back to once every 2-3 days.
I use Kevin Murphy Balancing washBALANCING.jpg
And then once or twice a week I use Delorenzo SilverDE-LORENZO_NovaFusionSilverShampoo_250.jpg
to try to keep my hair ashy.


What is your usual makeup/hair look? How do you achieve it?
When I work from home I just put on a moisturiser and then a tinted moisturiser and generally will either throw my hair up in a high bun or let it air dry and pin my fringe back.
When I am in the office I try to look polished but natural so I often go easy on the eye makeup and lipstick.
I will then blow dry my fringe so it’s side swept and either put my hair up in a neat bun or blow dry/straighten it.

For a night out, you know me sister….I love my eye makeup!
So when I go out it’s no holds barred.
I like bronze/brown/champagne type tones and if I use eyeliner it’s generally only on the outer corners, as I find if I use it over my whole eye, it makes my eyes look small.
I also like using a shimmer powder highlighter I bought at MAC MT1331.jpgOn my cheekbones, under my eyebrows and the bridge of my nose.
My favourite hairstyle when I go out is to curl it.
I never had a curling wand in Australia (I always just used my GHD), but was convinced to buy one here and I love it.
It’s more time consuming but I find the curls last longer and look more complete.
I will often use that to curl it, then run my fingers through it to soften it and then spray the crap out of it with hairspray.


Looking back, what hairstyle, makeup or fashion look did you used to wear, that makes you cringe now?
Ha ha good question.
One that is not my fault….when I was around 5 I had that horrible bob style with a fringe….very He Man.he-man.jpg
The other one is my fault and that’s when I had my hair short at the back but long in the front. It was all the rage then but didn’t suit me at all.
The third and final look is that trend we all used to do, where you would put your hair up in a ponytail and then pull two thin strands out the front, aka Slut Strands.


What is your number one tip relating to makeup; hair or fashion that you wish everyone knew?
It sounds super basic but with hair and make-up…less is more!
I feel like the introduction of bronzer and fake lashes make girls feel like they need to cake their face with product and it never looks good.

Another basic fashion one is that, I wish people would not feel the need to follow every trend that hits the market. Dress for your shape and buy classic pieces and you will always look great.


What is on your beauty related wish list right now? What is something you’ve always wanted to try?
I want to learn how to pencil my eyebrows properly and want to be able to apply liquid eyeliner properly.
I’m trying but don’t have a super steady hand so the latter is a bit of a challenge.
There are also a bunch of colour correcting products hitting the market here at the moment which intrigue me. Check out the Sephora website to see what I mean.


What is the best part of your job?
The travel. I love it. It gets tiring sure, but I have the opportunity to travel to places like New York and Philadelphia on my company’s dime, and that is a pretty amazing thing.

You’re a believer in your insides contribute to what you look like on the outside, what do you do to encourage your body to be in good condition? 
I work out a lot….6 days a week.
And I’m a class junkie, I like to try lots of different things.
Some people are good with just running, or just doing yoga and that’s fine but I think the best, sustainable type of workout regime is to mix it up.
It keeps you interested and keeps your body guessing.
From a food standpoint there are so many fads out there at the moment and if you ask me they are all junk.
Any diet that tells you to cut an entire food group (unless it’s for health reasons e.g. celiac) is not sustainable.
You should really just aim to eat a large variety of complete unprocessed foods.
Also, I think the 80/20 rule is the most sustainable.
If you try to eat perfect 100% of the time you will eventually slip and binge. I have a massive sweet tooth so I allow myself to have a little bit of dark chocolate each night otherwise I know I will eventually eat a block!
Have you noticed if you stop doing something that it directly affects your skin?
Water is key!
When I am dehydrated my skin is a mess.
Also, as much as I love wine….if I drink a lot my skin is always a little pimply the next day.
Do you take any supplements or vitamins?
I take a multi-vitamin, magnesium tablet (not one many people know about but really important), and an iron tablet (to keep my iron levels up now that I don’t eat meat) in the morning.
Then at night I take a really good probiotic.
Probiotic’s are the bomb…really good for balancing your gut health and digestive system and I also think they help my skin.
Make sure you buy one that has to be refrigerated as they tend to be the most pure.
What are your tips for staying healthy while travelling?

This one is tough….no doubt!
My key is to avoid breakfast buffets…I either go somewhere I can buy a small oatmeal bowl, smoothie, or I have a meal replacement shake.
For lunch I always order a salad or soup and avoid the yummy bread/fries etc.
Then for dinner if I ever really want to have dessert, I force a colleague to split it!
I was also drinking too much when I would go to NY, so I have started limiting that.
Exercise wise, if I am in a city I try to book a class somewhere.
That way I am accountable and have to get up, as I have already paid for it.
If I can’t find a class, I tell my colleague I am getting up to run/go to the gym.
It means I feel guilty if I don’t!

You can find out about Texas, where Jemma lives, here.
And here.
But probably not here.


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