Spotlight on: Diane Jones

Today’s post is with Diane Jones/ Diane Pizzol. ( Di got married this year, we’re still trying to figure out what to call her lol)

I’ve had the pleasure of Di doing my makeup a couple of times, and the results are nothing short of a miracle.

I’m lucky enough to get to see Di socially ( her partner and my partner are friends), and I have even been her ” assistant” at a wedding makeup appointment.

Think about those beautiful women you meet in the bathrooms of venues when you go out. The ones that have all sorts of make-up essentials in their clutch.
They catch you looking longingly as they re-apply their concealer or lippy, and with a mere raise of the eyebrows, they’re giving you a mini makeover with whatever they have at their disposal.
That’s Di.
Friendly, never forceful, and full of beauty wisdom.

She is always willing to share her knowledge, passion and experience and today she shares some of that with us.

A G&T with fresh lemon with Diane Jones..Pizzol…eeek


Current profession:
I work full time as the Marketing Manager, Purchasing officer and Admin manager at Industrial Electronics.
I wear a lot of different hats there and it’s a pretty busy job, but I love working with my mumma bear at the family business.

I am also a qualified professional Makeup Artist.

I have always loved makeup/beauty since I was quite young.
Doing ballet & having to wear makeup for concerts got me into that, and my mum took me for my first facial when I was about 13.
I fell in love with it, and knew I wanted to do something in beauty.

I completed a Diploma of Makeup in 2009 and have since started my own makeup artistry business – Makeup by Diane.

I was lead makeup artist for a Melbourne band the “Bamboos’ for their music video “On the Sly” which was so much fun to work on.
I have also worked on photo shoots, models for runway’s and special occasion makeup.

I started shifting my focus to strictly bridal makeup about 2 years ago. I love it.
The other types of jobs were hard to fit in, as they normally are done through business hours, and with full time work, it just wasn’t feasible.

I am constantly doing workshops & masterclasses to refine my craft and knowledge. This year I have decided to focus more on skincare and ingredients… Stay tuned!


How would you describe your skin?
My skin has always been pretty good.
I’ve only ever gotten the dreaded monthly pimple (It’s always a goodun too!).
My skin tends to be a touch dehydrated and dryer in winter.
Actually, my skin has changed a bit since hitting my 30’s.
I am getting a few more breakouts, but I think that is mainly to do with my terrible diet.
I change my skincare to combat what my skin is doing and what the weather is like.


What is your current everyday skin routine?
Oh god. Ok.
So this varies pretty much each day depending on when I do masks, what type of mask it is, when I use a scrub and what type of scrub it is.

So every day, morning and night, I cleanse, tone & moisturise!

Some say you shouldn’t cleanse in the morning as it’s too much for your skin and you should just use water…
This to me is like people telling me they wash their face with hand soap *insert deer in headlight eyes*

Water does not rinse off the moisturiser you have slept in, that has now gone rancid on your skin.
The oils from your head, the dead skin & dust particles flying around the room, your partners drool that makes its way to your pillow (Am I the only one?!)
These all land on your pillowcase and set up a little farmer’s market of grossness.
I shudder thinking about it!



Cleanse: Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milki-018307-evercalm-gentle-cleansing-milk-1-378.jpg

or Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balmi-014837-no-1-purity-cleansing-balm-1-378.jpg

I don’t like foaming cleansers at all. I use a muslin cloth to wash it all off.

Tone: Ren Clarimatte Clarifying Toneri-014224-clarifying-toning-lotion-1-378.jpg

Moisturise: Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream (Day use only has this has spf 15).magic-cream_lid-off_1

This has been the best moisturiser I have ever used so far. It is pricey but I love it and my mum uses it now too. (Deels is pushing 66 and has mature skin. I have really noticed a difference in her skin with this. Jus’ sayin)


I cleanse the same as mornings.

Exfoliating: I mix it up. Twice or thrice a week.

I will use either Ren Flash rinse 1 minute faciali-019288-flash-rinse-1-minute-facial-1-378.jpgEnviron alpha hydroxy creamenviron.jpg

or Go To Exfoliating swipeysexfoliatingswipeys.jpg

Once a week I use a mask.
Lately I have just been using Charlotte Tilbury Goddess skin clay maskgoddess-skin-clay-mask-open.jpg

Moisturise: I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Multi Miracle Glow. ( See below)

I also tint my own brows & lashes once a fortnight.


What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow pp_multi_miracle_glow_alt_1_back_1Similar to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, this stuff can be used as a cleanser, balm or mask.
I use this as a balm when I have dry patches or skin problems. This cream will fix them up within a couple of uses. It really is a miracle cream!
I’m also using this as a night cream at the moment till I get more night cream.


How often do you wash your hair? What do you use?
Around every 3rd day.
I was using QABA which I loved, but it was a bit too expensive.
It’s all natural and made in Melbourne.
My hair was so clean and healthy using QABA plus I could go longer between washes (I was getting up to 5 days!!).
My hair wouldn’t curl as well while using it though.
Currently, I’m using up half empty bottles of: Schwarzkopf, de Lorenzo, Alpha Parf, and L’oreal. I’m a bit of a hair product whore!
One product of QABA’s I’m still using, is the Essential Hair Oil in ZOLA zola-250x358.jpgIt’s Lavender and lemon scented and smells super dreamy.


What is your usual makeup/hair look?  How do you achieve it?
Hair: I blow dry my hair straight on the first day of washing, then I’ll put a wave through it with the good ol’ ghd as I hate flat hair.
Day 3 or 4 tends to go up in a messy bun or textured pony. I tend to change up my part every few days too to keep things interesting.

Makeup: So my base will always be pretty much the same. I just change up my eyes. I’ll either do a slight glamour eye (smokey), or it will be a winged liner with natural colour wash over the lids and a slight enhanced socket line.

Face Primer: Too Faced Hangover Primeri-019447-hangover-primer-1-378.jpg It’s not bad. I’m still using it, so I guess I like it. Nothing to rave home about though.

Foundation: I’m a bit of a foundation junkie. I have a lot and I change these daily depending on how my skin is and what coverage I’m after!
I don’t like thick foundation. I prefer sheer but sheer finish always needs touching up.
I’m not a big fan of BB creams’s or CC’s.
Maybe I haven’t found the right one?
If I want that effect, I use my foundation and add some moisturiser to thin it down and voila.
The main foundations I tend to swap between are:

Too Faced Born This Way foundationi-022129-born-this-way-foundation-light-beige-1-378 (I read a lot of reviews for this and had to try it) I really like it.

 Illamasqua Skin Base– 969258440_fs_1.jpg

Make Up For Ever Face & Body–  makeupfoevs.jpgIt’s waterproof, and very light so you layer it on to build up coverage. Great for summer and older skin types. I also tend to use this under other foundations.

Elementwo Airbrush CBF_05__67229.1358080932.1280.1280.jpg Nice and light. Great over Makeup Forever Face and Body foundation. Hand applied or through airbrush.

I have never found a foundation that I love, and I have tried A LOT.
For foundation application I use the Real Techniques Expert Face brush1411_real-techniques_expert-face-brush.jpg
I also use this to help blend contour and highlighter’s.

Highlight & Contour: Yes, I highlight & contour everyday!
Once you add a foundation, your natural contours can get masked, so I add them back in NATURALLY (not like Kim K!).

Highlight: I highlight with a lighter foundation colour where the natural light hits. Then I sometimes add a powder highlighter like the Hourglass Ambient lighting palette –i-017068-ambient-powder-wardrobe-1-378.jpgContour: Senna highlight & contour kithero-sculpting-kit-new.jpg It’s a cream and it’s the best contour colour I have ever come across. I don’t use the highlighters in it, as they dont sit well on my skin.

Blush: RCMA cream blush. DSC_0327.jpg
This is the best cream blush I’ve ever used. Its cheap, you only need the tiniest amount and it lasts all freakin’ day.
To apply cream blush I use Real Techniques Stippling Brushrealtechniques.jpg
My brushes never hit a container containing cream or liquid product.
I use a spatula and decant what I need.
It takes a bit more time, but this keeps your products lasting longer.
Cream and liquid can breed nasties and you dont want to be putting that back on your face

If I need more colour, I bump the blush up with a powder. (NARS, MAC or Tarte)

Concealer: I don’t really use concealer.
Just colour correctors around the eye area, to cover a blemish if I have any, and sometimes a to cover a bit of redness around the nose.

Eye primer: Urban Decayi-022251-es-primer-potion-eden-1-378.jpg (I got a sample size) It goes alright.

Eyeliner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black16200.jpg
This is waterproof and does not budge. I tight line the top lashes, smudge it out a bit, then what’s left on my brush I smudge into my lower lash line.

OR I use Stila’s waterproof lineri-007364-stay-all-day-waterproof-liquid-eye-liner-intense-black-1-378.jpgBest liner I have ever used. Only issue I have with it is, it gives a shiny look. So I’ll tend to go over it with a matte eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow:  I always go for my Viseart Palettes. I only have 2 palettes (Neutral basics: 01 Matte & 05 Sultry Nudes)- VISEART_12_COLOR_EYESHADOW_PALETTE_600__49680.1429051172.600.600.jpg
These are the BEST eyeshadows I have ever used & every single girl should own a palette.They are like buttery goodness on your eyelids!
No fall out, mass colour payout and they last all goddamn day. They are amazing.

I use Donna Mee eye contour brush for applying shadow-donnameeecontour.jpg
Donna Mee eye crease for the eye crease-donnamecrease.jpg
Gorgeous Cosmetics B111 for blending-Brush_B111-01.jpg
Rae Morris 12 chiseled smudger for smudging liner and adding shadow to lower lash line.Rae_Morris_brush_12_SRGB.jpg

Mascara –I always go back to Make Up Forever Smokey Lashsmoky_lash_23301.jpg
It always gives the best lashes BUT it’s expensive and dries out really quickly.
I go through mascara a lot and I can’t justify spending that much on mascara all the time. At the moment I’m using Gorgeous Cosmetics Madison Ave MascaraMadisonAvenue_900x900.jpg
I don’t mind it.
I also have Bareminerals Locked & Coatedi-016517-locked-coated-waterproof-lash-topcoat-1-378.jpg
Which “waterproofs” your lashes.
Its really good unless you’re bawling your eyes out. I use it if I’m using a shitty mascara which I know will give me panda eyes & this stops that.

Side note: My fave type of mascara’s are the tubing ones.
Gorgeous Cosmetics used to make one which was the bomb diggity but they stopped making it (jerks), it had the best wand too *sigh*.
I think these types of mascaras are better on your lashes as you don’t have to scrub to get rid of it. It just turns into these stringy gel like strands and you only need water to wash it off. Panda eyes no more!

Brows: Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof eyebrow pencilzoom_eafe0684b3a36c111246ac02b554ad11851c790f_1446131877_taupe_web.jpg
It comes with a spoolie on the end. Best eyebrow product I have ever used. It stays put all day!

Powder to set:  NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powderi-015226-light-reflecting-pressed-setting-powder-1-378.jpg
I really like this. It’s not powdery and sets your makeup nicely.
Also Makeup Forever super matte– (bit drying for my skin now) s903856-main-hero
and RCMA no colour powderIMG_4073.jpg
Its sooo cheap (RCMA is quite cheap) and you only need the tiniest amount.
For powder and powder blush application I use Gorgeous Cosmetics small powder brush #024-Brush_024-01.jpg

Lips: I line my lips everyday with Gorgeous Cosmetics lip linersexpertface.jpg

Each day I wear either the Barely There or Qiana shades.
I’ll then add some Charlotte Tilbury balm on top lip-magic-product-shot_1.jpgor a Gorgeous Cosmetics gloss.gloss.jpg

For a nighttime look, I would do all of the above but bump up the contour, blush and eyes. I would also add some natural looking false strip lashes like Modelrock lashesKit_Ready_W376s__12663.1435738316.451.416.jpg


Looking back, what hairstyle, makeup or fashion look did you used to wear, that makes you cringe now?
Ugh, so many. My eyebrows definitely! Hello thin 90’s brows. Thank god I learnt to put the tweezers down.


Too many thick foils of dark brown and bright blonde in my hair… As Sara would say “Ew!”.ew.jpg


What is your number one tip relating to makeup; hair or fashion that you wish everyone knew?
Eyebrows! Eyebrows frame your eyes & if they aren’t done correctly they can really age you.
A lot of people don’t understand the importance of brows.
I could be here all day talking about brows.

Learn what colours are best suited for your eyes.
I always get compliments on my eyes.
“Oh wow they are so blue today!”
“Wow your eyes are super green”
“Are your eyes hazel?!”
My eyes have blue shades, green shades, hazel and white. I know what eye shadow makes each colour pop. So play around with colours and see what best suits you!

Curl your lashes. This makes a load of difference!

And we do not wash our brushes as often as we should!

In saying that, a spot brush cleaner I use is Parian Spirit.


What is on your beauty related wish list right now? What is something you’ve always wanted to try?

Zoeva brushes

Viseart eyeshadow palette cool Matte 07

This works In transit camera close up

This Works No wrinkles extreme moisture

Perricone MD Cold plasma sub d

Perricone MD Cold plasma eye

Becca  Champagne pop & Moonstone highlighter powder

And the list goes on!


What is the best part of your job?

I love helping people in general.
But I especially LOVE making women feel beautiful and helping to educate them about makeup or products or whatever.
I don’t know everything as I’m learning everyday, but I feel I know a bit to help others.
I’m happy to answer any questions people have and I’m sure ( as you can tell from what you have read today), I’ll talk (or write) your ear off!


You can find Diane online at the following:



facey.jpg Makeup by Diane




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