I need dis: Coat edition

I have a confession to make.

I went back and tried on the Gorman coat 2 days after my dramatic, slow motion, movie scene, walk away. Continue reading


Treat yo’self 2016

The mission: Execute the perfect RDO/ Productive shopping day combination.
The participants: Me, flanked by my incorrigible shopping side kick, Zoe.
The results: Well, if you want to find out, then I suggest you read on. Continue reading

Spotlight on: MadelenĂ© Stenberg

I first met Mad’s a few years ago when she was out visiting my partner’s family.
She had been an exchange student in Australia in the early 2000’s, and hit it off with my partner’s sister Megan.
I had heard lots about this vivacious, funny swede, and was not disappointed when I finally got to meet her.
We bonded over a shared sense of humour and rap music, and the rest, as they say is history! Continue reading

Spotlight on: Jemma Morgan


Jemma is one of my oldest friends.
She can single handedly claim to have guided me through my first forays into makeup.
Yes we were 13 at the time.
Yes, the strains of Spice Girls could probably be heard.
And yes, the makeup MUST HAVE back then was a Maybelline foundation stick, 3 shades too dark. But I digress… Continue reading