Fake Monday’s and how to deal.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break.
Jessincase you are suffering from a major case of Monday-itis even though it’s technically Tuesday, * raises hand*  here are my tips to feeling a little better about things.
I do this little ritual the night before going back to work after a holiday, or just when I’m feeling particularly shitty.
I find it helps relax me, and let’s face it a little ” me time” and self love is never a bad thing.

A hot shower:
It all begins with a hot shower. Get that bad boy to your fave temperature, and let the water run over you. Even close your eyes if you feel so inclined.


Wash face:
Put a couple of pumps of your best face wash ( Mine is Go-To’s properly clean face wash) into your palms and really massage it all over your mug. Taking time and deliberate care is the aim, no vigorous or rushed movements here!


Wash hair:
I wash my hair with shampoo twice,  once with a cleansing shampoo to remove any product build up ( can’t remember the brand sorry!) and once with my Serie Expert Silver Shampoo by L’Oreal.


Hair mask:
Follow your hair washing extravaganza with a totes luxurious Kiehl’s hair mask Olive fruit deeply repairative hair pak.
My hair is just above my shoulders, so I dont need a great deal of it, I mainly run it through my ends and I leave it for the recommended amount of time. ( Something I don’t always do when I’m having a normal shower, feels too long!)


I do this while my hair mask is absorbing. I also turn off the shower for this bit.
Standing in the little steam cocoon that your hot water has created, apply a generous amount of scrub, ( current one I’m using is myscrub coffee scrub in Turkish Delight) and in small circular motions get every inch of your body.
Then carefully turn the shower back on and gently rinse it off.
* HOT TIP* If you have big boobies, lift them up, somehow I always get little coffee scrub gangs forming and resisting a rinse.


Face Mask:
Upon exiting the shower, wrap your hair up in a towel and slap on a face mask. Any kind you fancy!
If you have a couple to choose from, decide which one your skin is currently desiring the most.
Feel like you need a bit more moisture? Try this one: Origins Drink Up 10 minute mask
Feel like you have some breakouts that need soothing? Try this one:Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue


Moisturise body:
While your face mask is cooking ( hopefully a delicious roast chicken with crispy potatoes), take some time to really moisturise your body.
I use Go-To Exceptionoil mixed with my normal Aveeno moisturiser. You’ll smell like a magical, flowery jungle and also have the softest skin this side of the galaxy.


Moisturise face:
After rinsing off your chosen face mask, apply any serums and follow with moisturiser.
My current choices can be found here: Products I’m currently using: Part 1- Skincare


Hair helpers and blow dry:
Once your body and face have been taken care of, focus on giving your hair some extra love.
My current hair style is “messy surfer waves” so I like to spritz some De Lorenzo Ocean Mist and work some Sachajuan Volume Cream through my locks.
Then I dry my hair off with my hairdryer.
I don’t know how to use fancy brushes or anything like that, but if you do, go the extra mile! Section and brush away!


PJ’s and fresh sheets:
After all that, slip into some comfy pajamas or your trusty tracksuit.
Fresh sheets on your bed are optional, but oh man, you will not regret the joy it brings, slipping your body into bed and feeling the cool crisp linen.

All these things probably won’t change the reason you’re doing them ( holiday ending, work beginning in my case) but they might go a small way in helping you feel better about facing whatever it is.

What’s your favourite way to feel better?




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