I need dis: Thing’s I have my eye on.

As the Autumn chill makes it’s presence known, and daylight savings comes to an end, my thoughts turn to hibernation.

Dark evenings curled up in pajamas with a hot chocolate, doing a spot of online shopping and trying to make weekend plans that largely involve being indoors.

It’s with this in mind that I share with you my current wishlist of things things that have caught my eye recently.
A few I’ve seen in various brand emails, some from Instagram and one item recommended by Zoe Foster Blake.

Lurex Spotty Jumper and Breton Stripe Knit from Country Road:

The one on the left a friend of mine tagged me in on the Country Road insta.
She said she instantly thought of me, and boy was she right!
Polka dots!
Round neck for cute button up shirt collars!
SEQUINS! ( Or at least, SHINY!)
Amazing. Paired with jeans and some cute boots. I’m lusting HARD.
The one on the right I saw on the Country Road website after I feverishly jumped on to see the price and availability of Mr Navy.
If I could just convince my partner that I need both, and that I’m happy for him to buy 2 Country Road jumpers too as a trade off, I’d be a happy chappy.


Samantha Wills Crushed Opal Necklace:


I’m obsessed with crystal jewelry at the moment.
I’ve always been interested in the potential properties crystals might possess, clarity, love, protection etc.
This one though, I’m crushing on because it looks super pretty.
Opal’s with their multicolored shimmer fascinate me, I could look at them forever!
And of course Samantha Wills can do no wrong.
Have you seen her Bardot Rings?
The Opal Bardot Ring is also a favourite of mine, 12346877 glam points!


Tarte Contour palette and Tarte creamy matte Lip Paint in Namaste:

I saw a makeup tutorial video on YouTube last night with Manny MUA ( look him up- he’s is amazing!) where he used only Tarte products.
The face he made when he put the highlighter from this palette on his cheekbone is priceless, and that alone has made me want this in my makeup bag!

The lip paint is a ZFB recommendation. She said it’s the ” elusive perfect pinky-nudey-almondy-beigy-nude” shade, that is “matte, but doesn’t make your lips look dead”.
I’m sold!


Mister Zimi Gypsy top in Blue Souk print:


I’m dying to try this on. I love the ruffles.

It scares me though, as I’m a lady with large paddymelons, and I fear it may  make me look like I’m with child. ( Which I’am not.)
Still, it makes my list because maybe the length will be it’s saving grace?


Gorman Pom Pom Coat:


Exceptional coat on it’s own, but look!
Fun Pom Pom’s!? Are they crazy?
Crazy like a fox.
It’s got a hood, and large pockets, perfect for thrusting chilly hands in during a brisk winter stroll ( to the shopping centre perhaps?).
Ideal combination of practical and stylish, while throwing a nod to our inner child.



Now if the universe could just throw me a tidy lottery win of approx $1000, that would be swell.





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