Imitation = Flattery…right?

So I guess I can’t start my own blog without a nod or two ( or seventeen hundred), to the people that inspired me to begin writing it.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a slight* fan of Zoe Foster Blake.
Until I started reading her original blog, and probably some little tid-bits in a magazine called Cosmopolitan, I’d never read anything before that captured the way I actually spoke, in print.
It was like when I read it, ( in my head AND out loud) I was re-visiting some old online diary that I had completely forgotten I’d written.
That somehow all the information was being re-told to me, because of course, I already knew it all.

I can honestly say I have earnestly read, bought and recommended everything she is involved in.
Her books, her blog, her skin care line, if you get me started on anything Z.F.B ( just a casual nickname I’ve come up with…cute huh?) I will pull out a podium, shuffle my notes, and start a power-point presentation.

Such is my devotion, I went to a launch party of her skincare line Go-To and subsequently had a mild panic attack when she entered the room. I didn’t realize I was having one at the time, I just kept remarking to my bestie ( whom I dragged along with me) about how hot it had suddenly become, and whew, this dress is a bit tight around my chest, gah I’m sweating, maybe i should sit down..


(Z.F.B, queen, champion of good grooming and major inspo)

I left the room twice during her Q&A session ( which I’m sure didn’t go unnoticed, as everyone else in the room was captivated!) to get some fresh air, and when an opportunity arose for me  to actually speak to her, I froze.
My friend gently encouraged me to approach her and get a photo, but all I could think of was how I was about to burst into tears. HOW EMBARRASSING!
I knew she was warm, welcoming and wanting to engage with fans ( there was a line after-all), but every fiber in my being was clinging to the ” flight” response, not the fight.

I also had a similar reaction when i saw the Backstreet Boys in concert, but that’s another story.

I hope that this blog can emulate even a smidgen of what Zoe’s is.
I hope that I come across as genuine and not just a “copy cat” blogger.
For people who do this professionally, it must be hard to stay original when so many others come out of the woodwork each and every day, but I best not get ahead of myself.
I still don’t even know if I will tell my friends and family I’m actually doing this.
On one hand I want them to see what I’m doing, and potentially receive positive feedback like the needy little weed I’am. On the other, I like the anonymity.

ZFB aside, there is one other person that inspired me to start this blog.
My brother, Jason!
He has started his own sports media blog, you can find it here.
He knows what he’s talking about on this subject matter- he’s a total sports nut!
I can’t comment too much on the actual content as it’s beyond my level of expertise, but if you like sports of all sorts, it’s worth checking out .

If you’re still reading, I’ll leave a couple of websites for you: – ZFB’s official webiste, with links to her blog, books and skincare line. You can even do a key word search through all of her blog posts and see what advice she has given about certain issues in the past!. – If you want to go straight to her skincare, I’ll do a post about her products soon. – If you want to chat with an AI computer but pretend it’s a real person, and ask it if it thinks you should start a blog. ( For the record it’s first answer was “Are you insane?” thanks cleverbot)

*Okay MAJOR fan.





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